What is passive income about

What Is Passive Income About and How Can You Generate It in 2019?

You have probably landed on this article because you have recently heard of passive income opportunities and you are now wondering: “What is passive income about and how can I generate it?

In a world where we are taught that life is about going to school, getting good grades and finally landing a good job, hearing about opportunities that go outside our comfort zone is always exciting.

I first heard of passive income when I was trying to sell my music online. I applied a few marketing strategies and managed to get quite good results.

You can read about my music marketing adventure on this article: How to make money as a musician online.

Seeing what I was able to do, made me want to know more about passive income and this is why I ended up starting my own blog. A blog I am putting a lot of work into but that eventually, will allow me to earn money while I sleep!

What is the difference between passive and active income?

Active income
is when you get paid for a job that, once complete, will no longer bring you any earnings.

An example could be your teaching job, freelancing job or any other service that you offer, which stops providing you with an income, once the contract is over or you leave that job.

You spend 8 hours at your job and you get paid for those 8 hours. That is it.

You could be landing a job that pays you £150,000 per year but you will have to spend 70 hours a week in the office. It will be like that year after year. No time for family, no time for your hobbies!

Lots of time and energy is put into a one-off income source.

Passive income is money you earn by putting effort and money into something that, eventually, will allow you to build an income while you sleep.

You could invest time and money into a property and then rent it out. It will be expensive and time-consuming in the beginning but once it is rented out, you will earn a passive income by just maintaining the property.

Another example is building a blog that you can monetise. It will take a few months to write enough articles and grow your site authority but it could eventually lead you to make money while you sleep.

Passive income strategies will allow you to work on something once and get paid for it for the rest of your life.

Think of the early Star Wars films. They are around 40 years old, yet they still sell and make profits!

Different ways of generating passive income

Here are 8 passive income ideas you could use to make money while you sleep:

1. Upload your videos on YouTube

Create videos about anything you like, as long as you do have an interest in what you have chosen, otherwise you will just end up spending your life doing something you do not like.

Have you ever come across YouTube videos where gamers do a review of a game that just came out? They know what they are talking about and they do it because they actually love gaming!

You will be able to monetise these videos via the automatic ads that are displayed prior to the start of the video (or sometimes even in the middle of a video if it is a very long one).

Of course, don’t forget to activate Google Adsense! Here is an official YouTube guide on how to earn money from your videos.

2. Become an affiliate marketer

A valuable blog can be a great way of earning passive income.

Building an authority blog is not easy but once that is done, there are different ways you can monetise it, such as adding Google Adsense, promote Amazon products or other niche specific products and services.

As a blogger, you will be getting commission depending on the type of ad, product or service you have successfully promoted.

I am personally following a fantastic course that is teaching me how to become an affiliate marketer.

You can read about it in this article: Ways to make money at home – An easy guide

3. Sell your art

Whether it is photography, music or any other form of art, you can make passive income from them too.

As a photographer, you could upload your portfolio to platforms such as Shuttershock. This will allow you to earn a percentage of each sale. Once the photos have been uploaded, Shuttershock will deal with the rest.

As a musician, you have the option to distribute your music via platforms like CD Baby. They will send your songs to music streaming services like Spotify, so that each stream will generate you some money.

4. Write an ebook

This will require a lot of hard work upfront but once it is done, you can either sell the ebook directly from your website or use platforms like Amazon.

You can send your ebook to Amazon, so that they can take care of all the technicalities!

5. Rent out your second property with Airbnb

Airbnb allows you to rent your space out to travellers coming from all over the world.

Renting out a property can sometimes be cheaper than going to a hotel, since you will have access to facilities like the kitchen and you are not forced to eat out every day.

I have seen property owners rent out their spaces at high rates and still attract visitor, so trying Airbnb could be really worth it!

6. Build a mobile app

If you are a developer and have some great ideas, you could try to build an app and sell it via Android and Apple play stores.

Everybody has a smartphone these days and people are always on the lookout for something new!

As long as you have a fresh and innovative idea, then building an app is definitely something I would recommend you do!

7. Sell products on your site or on Amazon

If you have physical products that you can sell, then you have the option to do this both via your own website or via Amazon.

I don’t think I know of anybody who does not shop on Amazon, so your product could really reach a wide audience!

8. Dropshipping

You don’t necessarily have to sell your own products!

Dropshipping is a method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock. The selling merchant purchases the inventory via third-party manufacturers but only after the customer has placed an order.

This Shopify guide will help you understand what dropshipping is about and how to go about implementing it.

Success stories

I have only just started my affiliate marketing journey and I really hope I will be able to share my personal success story in one year time or so 🙂

In the meantime, I would like to invite you to read the two articles below.

The first one is about one of my fellow Wealthy Affiliate colleagues. He managed to achieve his 6 figures goal in 2018 and made over $100,000 in 12 months. All he did was applying the principles taught on Wealthy Affiliate:

Officially a Six Figure Business – 2018 Year End Report

Here is a screenshot showing how much he made at some point in only 7 days!

RD40 Wealthy Affiliate

I also follow this lady who has been making huge profit from her blog. She makes over $100,000 a month!

Read her latest income report by clicking on the link below:

How I Made $159,592 Blogging in November 2018


How can you get started?

Of course the first step to take is to actually create your product or have a business plan for dropshipping.

Secondly, whatever option you choose, there is one thing you cannot escape from and it is called “Online Marketing“.

You will never be able to sell your product or service if you do not tell people that they exist!

I recommend you read the articles below, so that you understand the importance of email marketing, as well as the benefits of using social media:

What Is Mailchimp About and Why You Need It

How to Make Money as a Musician Online

Can You Have a Facebook Business Page without a Personal Profile?

If you decide to go for the affiliate marketing route, then I honestly recommend you go for the course I take.

You can sign up for it without the need of a credit card. You will be able to use your FREE membership to have access to some of the content and tools.

I do, of course recommend you to upgrade, if you really want to benefit from all the platform’s features and have access to the entire course.

Here it is. Click on the banner below to get started:

Conclusion: Passive income is your gateway to freedom!

No matter how much effort you put into your day job, you will never be free and you will have to work until retirement.

If you want to truly be free and spend your life doing what you love, I recommend you get started with implementing your passive income strategies.

Plan your days the way you want them to be, spend more time with your family and travel the world. Whatever your reasons are, passive income will open the doors to a healthier life!

I hope you have found this article useful. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below or email me directly at [email protected]

14 thoughts on “What Is Passive Income About and How Can You Generate It in 2019?”

  1. Oh my goodness this is a great article.  I absolutely knew about passive income but I never really realized how many different options there were for passive income.  The thought of still getting paid a year from today on something I do today is unbelievable.  I see you also talking about Wealthy Affiliate.  I am a member and so far I love it.  Thank you for taking the time to write such a great article.  Im going back to read it again.Dale

    • Hi Dale,

      It took me years to believe that earning passive income is possible. I definitely found hope in what Wealthy Affiliate teaches!

      I feel confident I am on the right path and I cannot wait to share my success stories in a few months time 🙂


  2. It’s important that we don’t forget the overall goal. Meaning, that in the beginning when you start a website you’re not going to see any ROI. It can take 6+ months before you start to make any ROI.Regarding YouTube what’s important to know is you have to have 1,000+ subscribers and I believe 40 hours of people watching your videos. It can take time, but if you have a plan of doing 20-40 videos in a year you can get there in time.In regards to building an app there are awesome courses on udemy that teach you how to build one. You don’t have to be a developer. I actually have plans of doing it shortly.

    • Hi Garen,

      That is absolutely true! Everything in life takes time really, if you want to achieve great things 🙂

      What sort of app are you developing? I work in IT, so this really intrigues me!


  3. Hi 

    I saw your website and the information , explanation you have provided is really good., and thought giving. Anyone can get many ideas about passive income in your website. 

    What do you think how useful this drop shipping business is ?

    Overall i enjoyed reading your posts . Good Work indeed !

    • Hi Sarwat,

      I have heard of many people being successful with dropshipping.

      I tried it myself though and did not like it as you have to be good at selling things. If you are good at that, then it might be the right path for you 🙂


  4. We all want to generate passive income and there are many ways to do it.I’ve had many positions where I earned active income but being retired now I am looking for passive income.

    It’s really hard to work and get paid only once for those hours you put in.Writing a blog and building a website about your passion is the real way to go.

    Affiliate marketing is my choice and I get to write about a passion of mine.I’ve already done the book writing thing and get some small residual royalties from the books.

    These are excellent ways to go about following your dreams and goals.Do you favor any one over the other?

    • Hi Rob,

      My current choice is Affiliate Marketing, however I have also sold my music in the past.

      I have realised I really love blogging and that is why I decided to switch my focus to Affiliate Marketing.

      What sort of blog do you have?


  5. Thank you for the information on passive income.

    You have shared the many ways of earning a passive income which are very helpful. I personally like affiliate marketing and I think this is a great way to earn passive income while you sleep 🙂

    I hope that many people will see the benefits of having an online business that produce passive income.

    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you for your comment.

      You are right, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways in my opinion too and this is what I am aiming for myself 🙂

      Best of luck with your project!


  6. Hey Cristina,
    Passive income is surely the dream for every affiliate and blogger but the fact is that many of us struggle to generate even active income from our blogs or websites. It does take a lot of smart work and planning to generate channels of passive income. I found your blog on Enstinemuki and followed you here.
    Thanks for sharing this and motivating us.
    Vineet Saxena

    • Hi Vineet,

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

      Indeed passive income should not be seen as a “make money quick” scheme. It takes a lot of hard work and I cannot believe that there are still many people out there that sell scams, trying to convince others that one can get rich overnight.

      Thank you for following me via Enstine’s blog and I wish you all the best with your blog!


  7. This article really hits the mark about what passive income is and more importantly how great it can work for you! It has been frustrating for me, in the past, to spend so much time on something and then not see the income generate right away. I remember there was a couple months back in 2010 I worked so hard for about 200 hours in two months, that’s creation alone, then spent money to promote and market. I never felt it paid off, so I left it alone. Now here it is 2019 and that project has been paying me between $50-$200 every month since then! This is definitely an investment of time that will pay off later!

    • Well done, Christy!

      Generating passive income definitely takes time and patience but it is then worth it in the long run 🙂

      Are you still writing new content?


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