Wealthy Affiliate is Legit - 10 Ultimate Reasons for Joining

Wealthyaffiliate.com Is Legit – 10 Ultimate Reasons for Joining

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and has helped many people succeed online.


However, with the amount of scams that can be found on the internet, questioning whether something is legit or not is totally understandable!


In this post, I want to show you that Wealthy Affiliate is legit and that it is very easy for you to see it yourself, by signing up to their free membership (No card info is required).


You can set up your FREE membership by going to Wealthy Affiliates's sign up page (using this link will also give you access to my one-to-one coaching!).


Here are my 10 ultimate reasons why, anybody who wants to learn about Affiliate Marketing or making money online in general, should join Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Training is based on realistic earning expectations


Every day we hear all sorts of things, from people claiming to have made $1,000 overnight to others saying that they have established their own online business within a month.


Well, let me tell you that these claims are total BS!


Of course there will always be some lucky people out there who can hit the jackpot in no time, but the truth is that for most of us, this will never be possible.


Any serious online marketer would tell you that setting up an online business requires hard work and time, in fact, most people won't see a sale for at least 6+ months (unless they use paid advertising, which is really expensive).


When you do not have thousands to invest upfront, you need to rely on growing your business organically and, no matter how much experience you have in online marketing, growth will never happen overnight!


There are no "get-rich-quick" claims at Wealthy Affiliate. Everybody is taught that your earnings level depends on how much work you put into your business.


Here is the 4 steps formula taught at Wealthy Affiliate:


  1. Choose an interest - Something you are passionate about.
  2. Build a website - No coding required.
  3. Attract visitors - Writing quality content will bring organic visitors.
  4. Earn revenue - Sell your own product or earn commission by recommending third parties' products.


2. There is real proof of Wealthy Affiliate results


Someone is always succeeding at Wealthy Affiliate, whether it is about making their first $50/month online, reaching $5,000/month or making more.


Some of these members have managed to achieve financial freedom within 1 to 2 years, but they have worked hard for it.


This might put you off, but let me ask you this: How many times have you worked your butt off at work, only to get some extra money? Probably many times.... but the truth is you are now still stuck with your 9 to 5 job, being told what to do by your boss.


So why should you be so impatient when it comes to building an online business, especially knowing that in 2 years time this business will allow you to quit the rat race and be your own boss?


Let me show you some Wealthy Affiliate results that will give you an overview of what can be achieved thanks to the training:


This member joined in December 2013 and by November 2016 they were already making $5,000/month, mainly from Amazon commissions (which are not the highest). Imagine what this person could achieve by promoting high paying products.


You can read Bthiel's full post here --> $5k per mo is possible - Follow the training and you'll get results

bthiel wealthy affiliate results 2016

John joined Wealthy Affiliate in May 2015 and by April 2017, he broke a record of 600 euros per day! You can read his full post here --> Best Affiliate Commissions - A New Record!


johnmks wealthy affiliate results 2017

Ralph joined Wealthy Affiliate in December 2016 and two years later he already has a 6 figure business.


In December 2018 he blogged about having made $15,765.97 that month!


You can read his post here --> $15,765.97 Earnings For Month of November


ralph wealthy affiliate results 2018 - wealthy affiliate is legit

There are so many more Wealthy Affiliate success stories you can read here --> New To WA, Want To Quit or Have Doubts? Success Stories Will Show You The Money!

3. Wealthy Affiliate can be tried for free


There are so many training programs out there that either do not offer a trial period or require your credit card information, even though all you want to do is try the product first!


Wealthy Affiliate has a FREE membership option where you get to try the platform without the need of giving out your credit card information.


Here is what you get when you sign up for free vs premium:

So for instance, you could even decide to stay as a free member forever and keep running your 2 websites for free!

4. The affiliate commissions are quite generous


Month to month premium memberships cost $49/month. When you promote Wealthy Affiliate and get people to sign up to it, you receive a recurring commission of $23.50 (First commission is $8, as members only pay $19 in their first month).


If you were to become a good Affiliate Marketer, you could happily live off promoting Wealthy Affiliate 🙂


5. You can earn commission even as a Free Wealthy Affiliate member


The good news is that, if for whatever reason you decide that you want to stay as a free member, you can still earn commission by promoting Wealthy Affiliate on your free website.

wealthy affiliate commissions

As you can see, starter members earn $4 for special offer referrals (first month) and $11.75 thereafter.

6. Trip to Las Vegas opportunities


When you become a premium member, you also get to take part to the "Super Affiliate Challenge".


This consists in referring 300 new people to Wealthy Affiliate within the current year. This will earn you an invitation to Las Vegas, where you will get to hang out with all the other Super Affiliates.


The whole trip is paid for, as well as food and accommodation. You also get to spend a few days brainstorming with like minded people!


If you reach 300 referrals before the end of the year, then the next challenge is unlocked, whereby if you bring 3000 referrals you will also get to be transported around Las Vegas in a Rolls-Royce!

super wealthy affiliate challenge las vegas


7. Expert weekly live training


Aside from the standard step-by-step training, Wealthy Affiliate also offers a weekly live training.


This is run by online marketing and SEO expert Jay Neill who every Saturday shares his knowledge on different topics such as YouTube marketing, SEO principles, finding the right keywords and so on.


These live events last 1 hour and at the end of the training, members get to answer questions directly to Jay.


8. They give you access to a great keyword research tool


Both as a free and premium Wealthy Affiliate member, you get to have access to their own keyword research tool called Jaxxy.


As a free member you are allowed to perform 30 searches a day, with a limit of 20 search results.


Premium members get access to Jaxxy light, which gives you unlimited searches.


Jaxxy has the following features:


  • Keyword research by volume and competition
  • Check what keywords your competitors rank for
  • Get long-tail keywords suggestions
  • See what websites are ranking for a specific keyword
  • View Google, Alexa, Amazon and Twitter trends


You can also make commission by promoting Jaxxy:

jaxxy affiliate program

9. The community can also create their own training


Wealthy Affiliate has over 1.5million members.


Premium members have access to their own blog section within the platform, where they can share their knowledge with all the other members.


They can also create step-by-step training and video walkthroughs.


This is a great feature, as it allows you to gain the knowledge that other members have acquired outside of Wealthy Affiliate!

10. The community spirit is great


Wealthy Affiliate has a Live Chat, as well as a "ask a question" feature, where all your questions will be answered within minutes by other members of the community.


Some members really enjoy engaging in conversations and helping others!


Having such a great community means that you get to have help at hand 24/7.

Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate is legit and worth it!


When I first found out about Wealthy Affiliate, I immediately signed up without even thinking about it twice. This is because all you have to do is enter your name and email address.


If you don't like the training, you can just leave, without even having to worry about being charged (unless you have upgraded to Premium).


Wealthy Affiliate is definitely a breath of fresh air among so many scams on the internet. No "get-rich-quick" claims, just a "learn and work hard" spirit.


Anybody can succeed online, you just got to put in the work and follow the right training 🙂


Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free and take your next step to financial freedom --> Sign up to Wealthy Affiliate

 I hope you enjoyed reading this "Wealthy Affiliate is Legit - 10 Ultimate Reasons for Joining" post.


You might be interested in reading 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – 5 Examples of Mind-blowing Results for further information about the program 🙂


Have you ever tried Wealthy Affiliate or are you going to try it? Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.


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  1. All what you said is absolutely correct about wealthy affiliate. I am a premium member of this great community.  I have never once regreted joining the platform. Currently I am going through my training and I must say that it’s really a top class training. The feeling of getting to build my site around my desired niche is really awesome. Wealthy affiliate really à place to be. The future is green on this platform. Great job.

  2. I have to say that anyone that comes across these 10 reasons should have no problem deciding on whether to become a member of wealthy affiliate. I can attest to the fact that a lot of people that say they have made money online have not really made much unless like you said they made use of paid advertising.

    They normally say this just so they can use it as a sought of bait to attract people to buy whatever they are selling. This is one reason why I like wealthy affiliate as they tell you upfront that making money online is not a one day’s job. It requires consistent effort if one is to start to make a living online.

    I don’t know of any other platform like wealthy affiliate. They really have the best interest of their members at heart. I mean how many programs out there offer a free keyword research tool to their members, an all paid trip to Vegas for some of their members, an awesome community and so much more. They are just the best and I proud to say that I am a member.

  3. Hey Cristina,

    I have benefited greatly by reading your informative article about Wealthy Affiliate. Undoubtedly Affiliate Marketing gives us a huge opportunity to make money honestly by hard work at home. You will be happy to know that approximately two months ago I joined the reliable platform as a premium member. Now my immediate target is to become a successful Internet entrepreneur and establish my worthy website through finished all the required training. Would you mind if, do you say something more about referrals in details?

    Sincerely thanks for the inspirational post.

    Warm regards,

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