Is Xyngular a pyramid scheme

Is Xyngular a Pyramid Scheme Or a Way to Make Extra $$$?

You probably received a random spam email before, saying that you won something, but you don't even remember joining any contests that would award you any prize. Of course, that email is malicious, and is potentially a way to scam you or phish you.

Scams have proliferated the internet since it's inception. Pyramid schemes are one example. Pyramid schemes are illegal.

Today, we will take a look at Xyngular. Is Xyngular a Pyramid Scheme? You will know as you read on.

Xyngular is a multi-level marketing company founded in 2009.

Xyngular is a company that sells health and wellness products. Their product selection includes:

  • nutritional supplements
  • appetite control supplements
  • gut health/detox supplements
  • daily health supplements
  • men's health supplements
  • women's health supplements
  • sleep and stress supplements

The company is currently based in Lehi, Utah, United States.

How to become a Xyngular distributor

To join Xyngular, go to this link.

You would need to get in touch with an already existing Xyngular distributor to sign up as a new distributor for the company.

You can find the email address and contact number in the link I provided above. You can also chat with their live chat agents in the website for your inquiries.

You can also join Xyngular through this other link I found. It will provide you with an application form and assist you in purchasing your starter kit.

How Much Does It Cost To Become A Xyngular Distributor and What Are Xyngular Enrollment Kits?

Xyngular requires you to pay a $14.95 fee to become a member.

Xyngular has the following enrollment kits to choose from:

  • Ultimate System w/ Global Blend - $549.00
  • Ultimate System w/ Global Blend Classic - $549.00
  • Ignite System w/ Global Blend Classic - $349.00
  • Ignite System w/ Global Blend - $349.00
  • Core System - $239.00
  • Trim Down Trio w/ Lean Vanilla - $179.00
  • Trim Down Trio w/ Lean Chocolate - $179.00

However, you can opt out of this selection and manually choose which products you would like to purchase. You are required to make one purchase (excluding the membership fee) to proceed.

What are Xyngular distributor levels?

There are 17 total ranks in Xyngular. Each rank requires the member to reach a certain sales quota on a monthly basis.

  1. Distributor
  2. Manager
  3. Silver Manager
  4. Gold Manager
  5. Platinum Manager
  6. Director
  7. Silver Director
  8. Gold Director
  9. Platinum Director
  10. Executive
  11. Silver Executive
  12. Gold Executive
  13. Platinum Executive
  14. Ambassador
  15. Silver Ambassador
  16. Gold Ambassador
  17. Platinum Ambassador
Xyngular ranks

Xyngular Compensation Plan

Xyngular's compensation plan can be accessed and viewed through this link.

There are six ways to make money with Xyngular.

  1. Retail Sales. This is the income you earn through selling products.
  2. Rapid Rewards. To qualify, distributors must reach the volume requirements in a span of a month.
  3. Quick Start Bonus. You earn additional bonuses from generating a certain sales volume and by helping new distributors do the same.
  4. Residual Earnings. You are paid on product sales generated from up to eight qualified levels in your organization.
  5. 12% Corporate Sales Pools. You earn commissions from the whole company's sales.
  6. Leadership Bonuses. These rewards are for those who reached the high ranks.

I found a video in Xyngular's official YouTube channel that could explain the compensation plan better. You can watch it below.

Xyngular Pros and Cons


  • Worldwide community of distributors
  • Company has been around for some time
  • Refunds available for purchases


  • Expensive products compared to competitors
  • Automated rebilling
  • Products have low quality and dubious ingredients

Do Xyngular distributors make money?

According to Xyngular's 2019 Income Summary, 78.64% of distributors made $832 for that year. 11.22% made $5,097.

Those numbers alone shocked me, since this is one of the lowest earnings I've seen MLM members made. However, this is the sad reality for the majority of the MLMs we know.

As you can see from the data presented to us by the income disclosure statement, we could say that a majority of these members did not earn much at all. I would like to point out that maybe some of them did not even make money.

78.64% of the distributors made $69 a month. That is not even enough compensation for all the efforts and time that these distributors allocated to making their MLM business successful. That is roughly $2 a day.

$2 a day isn't even minimum wage. The numbers are quite ridiculous, but this is official data we are looking at, and as we know, the data never lies.

I truly believe that there are better ways to make money online than joining MLM companies such as Xyngular and NeoLife. However, based on the data itself, there is still a percentage of people who do earn money in MLMs. Companies would not last this long if they are scamming people.

Xyngular reviews

Xyngular has its fair share of backlash and negative reviews.

In this post, a user shared their experience as a Xyngular distributor. It turns out that it didn't work out for them. Their aunt asked her friend about it and the friend gave a hilariously bad response, claiming that their team has a 97% success rate and would help them work things out.

In this post, a user provided a screenshot of a Xyngular distributor claiming that her products could cure mental health problems.

On this one, a user was very disappointed by their cousin who peddles Xyngular products for breast cancer awareness.

Is Xyngular legit?

Yes, Xyngular is a legit company that has been in business for many years now.

However, MLMs tend to get bashed for these particular reasons:

  • Team leaders do not train their members properly, insisting on recruiting more than selling products
  • Members do not get proper training, which results in them losing money

The very first step in joining an MLM is joining a team. Your team is the group of people that would be with you throughout your whole journey. With the proper training and support from your team, you can succeed.

If you can find the right group of people you can surround yourself with, you can all grow and move forward together. Being in a team means you need each other's support to reach your goals.

Is Xyngular a Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, let's look at what a Pyramid Scheme is:

"A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products." Wikipedia


As Xyngular distributors make money both by recruiting other team members AND by selling products to customers, it is safe to say that Xyngular is not a Pyramid Scheme!

How to succeed with Xyngular and any other online business

MLMs tend to get a bad reputation because only a small percentage of people succeed when venturing in them.

This is because of team leaders who do not properly lead their team. Instead of training their members, they want that easy commission money, so they push them to recruit rather than sell. What is the point of having products when you don't sell them anyway?

As a member, you need to get the proper sales and marketing training from your leader so you can effectively sell your products. The emphasis should be on selling instead of recruiting.

Here is the thing... You cannot force your family, friends, and acquaintances to sign up to an MLM. Not everyone is interested to be a part of your business, and some are just straight up not interested with your products.

You need to find your target market, as they are the ones willing to make purchases to sustain your business. They are the people you need to reach to be able to succeed in your MLM venture.

There are two popular ways to do this:

  1. Set up paid adverts that target a specific audience within your niche
  2. Find a way to generate free organic traffic that can be turned into sales

The first option is very expensive and if you are just starting out, then I recommend you scrap that for now.

The second one is completely doable and inexpensive, in fact, you can even get the right tools and information for FREE.

In this FREE Make Money Online Course, you will learn a number of things that can help you succeed with Xyngular and any other similar businesses.

By the end of the course, you will have the following knowledge:

  • How to choose your niche or better leverage your existing one
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  • How to write content that can attract thousands of visitors who ACTUALLY want to buy your products

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I hope you enjoyed reading my "Is Xyngular a Pyramid Scheme?" review!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below 🙂