Is Noonday Collection a Pyramid Scheme

Is Noonday Collection a Pyramid Scheme or Is It Legit?

The internet is not really 100% safe. There are quite a lot of scammers waiting for the right opportunity to take advantage of people. This is unavoidable, considering how huge the internet really is.

One of the common scams to watch out for is a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes are illegal. Do not waste your time and money on them. You can report pyramid schemes to the proper authorities if ever anyone is offering you to join one.

Today we will be looking at a company called Noonday Collection. Is Noonday Collection a Pyramid Scheme? Is it worth signing up? Read on to find out.

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Noonday Collection is a multi-level marketing company founded by Jessica Honegger in 2010. The company's name came from Isaiah 58:10: "If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness, and your night will become like the noonday."

Noonday Collection is a company that sells handmade jewelry and products crafted by artisans from the world's most vulnerable communities. The product selection includes:

  • necklaces
  • earrings
  • bracelets
  • rings
  • bags
  • scarves
  • home goods
  • travel essentials

The company is currently based in Austin, Texas, United States.

How to become a Noonday Collection ambassador

To become a Noonday Collection ambassador, go to this link.

These are the steps you need to follow to ensure a smoother application process:

  1. Fill in your personal details.
  2. Enter your sponsor's details. If you do not have one, the website can find one for you.
  3. Choose a starter kit.
  4. Enter your payment details.
  5. Wait for your shipment to arrive.
  6. Congratulations, you are now on your way to becoming a Noonday Collection ambassador.

Noonday Collection Enrollment Kits

Noonday Collection has the following enrollment kits to choose from:

  • The Essentials ($250 worth of bestselling products at 64% off + FREE business tools) - $89
  • Essentials Plus ($542 worth of bestselling products at 65% off + FREE business tools) - $189
  • Essentials Premium ($872 worth of bestselling products at 67% off + FREE business tools) - $289

What are Noonday Collection ambassador levels?

There are 9 total ranks in Noonday Collection. Each rank requires the member to reach a certain sales quota on a monthly basis.

  1. Ambassador
  2. Senior Ambassador
  3. Team Leader
  4. Senior Team Leader
  5. Manager
  6. Senior Manager
  7. Director
  8. Senior Director
  9. Executive Director

Noonday Collection Compensation Plan

Noonday Collection's compensation plan can be accessed and viewed through this link.

These are the ways to make money with Noonday Collection:

  1. Personal Commissions. These are earned through your personal product sales.
  2. Runway Radiance Rewards. These are the starter bonuses you will earn during your first few weeks in the company.
  3. Radiance Rewards. These are earned based on the volume of your sales every month.
  4. Star Program. You can permanently increase your commission rate as you achieve high ranks.
  5. Coaching Career Path. This bonus is earned as you climbed the ranks.

I found a video showcasing the unboxing of a Noonday Collection ambassador's starter kit and why she joined the company. You can watch it below.

Noonday Collection Pros and Cons


  • Company has been around for some time
  • Philanthropic causes
  • Gives job opportunities to those in marginalized communities


  • No income disclosure
  • Products are expensive compared to competitors
  • Saturated market

Do Noonday Collection ambassadors make money?

I think we could all agree that it is a big red flag when a company does not publish their Income Disclosure Statement. That is the case with Noonday Collection.

I have looked in different sites and blogs and I could not seem to find a copy of one. I saw some people in web forums looking for it as well.

Since we do not have any data showing us how much a distributor can potentially earn, we have no way to know if Noonday Collection ambassadors make money or not.

I believe that there are better ways to make money online than joining MLM companies such as Noonday Collection or doTerra.

I do not suggest trusting comments or posts from social media as proof that you can earn money in an MLM. The data never lies, so it is always good to have that information public, for the sake of those thinking of joining MLMs. Not publishing them just makes the company look shady.

However, we could all agree that joining MLMs come with pros and cons. It is always good to get the proper training from your team leader to boost your sales. As long as you use the correct marketing strategies and have a good team supporting you, you can find success in this venture.

Noonday Collection reviews

Noonday Collection has its own fair share of negative reviews.

In this post, a Reddit user shared their experience with Noonday Collection products. They are a fan of fair trade products so they purchased a few pieces from a fair trade jewelry and crafts show. Upon realizing that they just spent money on an MLM and their money might not even go to the marginalized people who made them, they got very angry and called out the company for their shady business tactics.

Negative reviews do not mean that a company is not legit. We should know both the positive and negative reviews before signing up for an MLM.

Is Noonday Collection legit?

Yes, Noonday Collection is a legit company that has been in business for many years now.

However, MLMs have always been bashed for the following reasons:

  • Team leaders opt to push members into recruiting more people than actually training them
  • Members, who have no proper training, end up losing money from not making sales and quotas

Being able to join the right team that will guide and support you throughout your MLM venture is one of the best ways to succeed. Proper sales and marketing training would also help you greatly, since sales is the main factor that will drive you to success. This way, you could accomplish both your individual and group goals.

I believe that as long as you apply the right strategies and you have the proper support from your team, you can make this opportunity work.

Is Noonday Collection a Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, let's look at what a Pyramid Scheme is:

"A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products." Wikipedia


As Noonday Collection ambassadors make money both by recruiting other team members AND by selling products to customers, it is safe to say that Noonday Collection is not a Pyramid Scheme!

How to succeed with Noonday Collection and any other online business

MLMs tend to get a bad reputation because the majority of people who sign up for them do not make money at all. Some even lost their life savings in the process.

This is because the “sales techniques” that leaders teach their members are very predatory, which includes bothering the people they know and forcing them to sign up. It is indeed easier to earn commissions than actually selling products.

Here is the thing... You cannot force people to sign up for a company when they are not interested in its products. You will just end up pushing them away and ruining your relationships with them.

You need to find a way to reach your target market, as they will be the one maintaining your business through their purchases. Reaching your target market is one of the most guaranteed ways to succeed.

There are two popular ways to do this:

  1. Set up paid adverts that target a specific audience within your niche
  2. Find a way to generate free organic traffic that can be turned into sales

The first option is very expensive and if you are just starting out, then I recommend you scrap that for now.

The second one is completely doable and inexpensive, in fact, you can even get the right tools and information for FREE.

In this FREE Make Money Online Course, you can learn a number of things that can help you succeed with Noonday Collection and any other similar businesses.

By the end of the course, you will have the following knowledge:

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I hope you enjoyed reading my "Is Noonday Collection a Pyramid Scheme?" review!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below 🙂