Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme

Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme? Read This Before Joining!

It is safe to assume that all of us have seen different ads about making money online that look too good to be true. Let's be wary of different scams that are made to lure us in and take our money right under our noses. Good examples include pyramid schemes.

Pyramid schemes are often masked as legitimate businesses. It is important to do your research first before trying to invest in a company that has piqued your interest. Pyramid schemes are illegal.

However, Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme or a legitimate way to make money online?

In this review, I will give you an insight on what Juice Plus is, whether it is legit or not, how to be a distributor, and how to make money with it.

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Juice Plus (branded as Juice Plus+) is a brand of nutritional supplements that was introduced in 1993. The company behind it is called National Safety Associates, founded by Jay Martin in 1970.

National Safety Associates (NSA) used to sell home fire-protection equipment through door-to-door salespeople. They began using the multi-marketing strategy on 1986.

Juice Plus specializes in selling nutritional products and dietary supplements. The selection includes:

  • capsules
  • chewables
  • drink mixes
  • nutrition bars

Juice Plus has a charity called Juice Plus+ Foundation. The foundation dedicates itself to improving the state of children's health and nutrition around the world.

The company is currently based in Collierville, Tennessee.

How to become a Juice Plus distributor

It is pretty easy to join Juice Plus.

  1. Download and fill-up this form.
  2. After filling up and submitting the form, mail it to the specified address.
  3. Wait for a Juice Plus distributor to contact you.
  4. Pay for the $50.00 fee.
  5. Order the minimum amount of products that you and your distributor agreed to.
  6. Congratulations! Just wait for your shipment to arrive.

Juice Plus Enrollment Kits

To join Juice Plus, you are required to pay the $50 membership fee. There are no specific enrollment kits available.

You can negotiate with your distributor about the initial products you want to order for your inventory.

There is also an option for automatic renewal which allows you to get a monthly shipment of inventory from Juice Plus.

What are Juice Plus distributor levels?

There are seven total ranks in Juice Plus. Each rank requires the member to reach a certain sales quota on a specific time frame.

  1. Distributor
  2. Direct Distributor
  3. Virtual Franchisee
  4. Sales Coordinator
  5. Senior Sales Coordinator
  6. Qualifying National Marketing Director
  7. National Marketing Director
Juice Plus Ranks

Juice Plus Compensation Plan

Juice Plus' compensation plan can be accessed and viewed through this link.

Basically, there are three ways that you can use to make money using Juice Plus.

  1. Selling the products. This is pretty self explanatory.
  2. Earning commissions. You earn money from recruiting people in your team, and from your team's purchases.
  3. Getting bonuses and benefits. You get bonuses and benefits through advancing in the ranks. As you go higher in the ranks, you receive more of these.

I found a video in YouTube from Juice Plus' official YouTube Channel to explain this further.

Juice Plus Pros and Cons


  • Company has been around for many years, which boosts their credibility and stability
  • There is a big community of Juice Plus distributors that can help you, as they operate in many countries
  • It only costs $50 to start, and your initial order can be negotiated with your distributor


  • Claims made by Juice Plus could be false and misleading
  • Juice Plus products are expensive compared to their competitors, making them hard to sell
  • It is still cheaper for your potential customers to eat fruits and vegetables than take Juice Plus

Do Juice Plus distributors make money?

According to Juice Plus' 2017 Earnings Summary, 21.07% of new distributors earned $131 on their first year. Direct Distributors, which comprised of 25% of members, made $227.

These figures are quite surprising as almost 50% of Juice Plus members earned this little in a span of one year. That is $10-20 per month.

This data alone shows there are much better ways of making money online than joining MLM companies such as Juice Plus or Usana. Like they say, the data does not lie.

It is quite disheartening to find out that half of the total members of a company you plan to be a part of made almost nothing in the span of a year. Especially to someone who is looking for some extra income, it seems like investing in this will only grant losses instead of earnings.

Juice Plus lawsuits

Juice Plus has its fair share of lawsuits and controversy.

In 1994, O.J. Simpson, Juice Plus' official celebrity endorser, claimed at a sales meeting that Juice Plus has cured his arthritis. However, when Simpson was tried for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman, Simpson claimed that he was "too incapacitated by arthritis to have committed the murder". NSA cancelled his endorsement contract.

In 2019, a class action lawsuit was filed against Juice Plus for not disclosing the terms of their automatic renewal policy, which charged the plaintiff three times in a span of three months. The plaintiff claimed that Juice Plus failed to make their automatic renewal terms to her.

In 2020, the US Federal Trade Commission issued a warning to Juice Plus for claims they made about their products allegedly curing COVID-19, and that members earn a substantial income.

Is Juice Plus legit?

Yes, Juice Plus is legit and is being distributed for many years now.

However, MLMs often get a bad reputation for these reasons:

  • Team leaders push their members to recruit more than actually helping them sell products
  • Members do not get the proper training that their leaders should have been providing
  • Because members are not trained properly, they unknowingly employ aggressive marketing tactics that push potential customers away from them

If you can find the right team that could provide you the proper training and guidance, then there is no doubt that you will succeed in your Juice Plus venture.

Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, let's look at what a Pyramid Scheme is:

"A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products." Wikipedia


As Juice Plus distributors make money both by recruiting other team members AND by selling products to customers, it is safe to say that Juice Plus is not a Pyramid Scheme!

How to succeed with Juice Plus and any other online business

MLMs have a bad reputation because generally people struggle to make money with them. This is because most people have no training in sales and just jump at the opportunity without proper knowledge.

It also does not help when the team leaders also have no idea what they are doing. Instead of actually training their members in sales, what they do is push their members to aggressively recruit instead, like what we see in social media.

Here is the thing... You cannot rely on friends and family to make a full time income in your MLM. Bugging them continuously on social media will not make them change their minds, and you will just ruin your relationships.

As what I said earlier, before joining an MLM, you should have sufficient training in sales and know who the right people are to sell your products to.

There are two popular ways to do this:

  1. Set up paid adverts that target a specific audience within your niche
  2. Find a way to generate free organic traffic that can be turned into sales

The first option is very expensive and if you are just starting out, then I recommend you scrap that for now.

The second one is completely doable and inexpensive, in fact, you can even get the right tools and information for FREE.

In my FREE 7-day Make Money Online Course, I teach a number of things that can help you succeed with Juice Plus and any other similar businesses.

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I hope you enjoyed reading my "Is Juice Plus a Pyramid Scheme?" review!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below 🙂