Instant Cash Solution Review

Instant Cash Solution Review – Easy $300 to Copy and Paste Ads?

Instant Cash Solution Review Summary

Product Name:  Instant Cash Solution

Price: $100, $200, $300 or $500

Best for: People who have already mastered some online marketing basics and are OK with making money by promoting a product that gives no real value.

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Summary:  The program is marketed as something that anybody can easily do. The problem is that there is much more to do and learn, in order to be able to scale this type of business. You will also have to invest a great sum upfront, on top of the membership fee!

Rating: 2.0/5

Recommended: NO!

Making money by copying and pasting ads sounds easy, right?

But is the Instant Cash Solution's method really that simple? Is it possible to make a full time passive income by just showing ads to other people?

In this Instant Cash Solution review, I am going to tell you exactly what this program is about and why it is not as easy as it sounds.

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What is Instant Cash Solution about?


Instant Cash Solution is a program that allows you to make money by copying and pasting ads on places such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Craiglist.


The program was created in June 2018 by Rich Meyer, with the aim to allow anybody to make money online without needing to put too much effort into it and without having any sales experience.



How much does Instant Cash Solution cost?


There are 4 membership levels:


  1. Bronze – $100 + $29 Admin Fee
  2. Silver – $200 + $29 Admin Fee
  3. Gold – $300 + $29 Admin Fee
  4. Platinum – $500 + $79 Admin Fee


When you purchase the membership, you pay for it once along with the admin fee. You only make further payments if you decide to upgrade to the next level up. When upgrading, you do not have to pay for the admin fee again.


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What do you get for the price?



  • Classified Ads Training Course
  • Classified Ads Sites: Directory
  • Display Ads
  • ICS Marketing System
  • Multiple ICS Capture Pages
  • Multiple ICS Landing Pages
  • Built-In Auto Responders
  • Contact Management System
  • Genealogy Tree
  • 24/7 ICS Members Back Offer
  • Weekly Training
  • Training Videos Library



Same as Bronze +

  • Test Message Ads
  • SMS Marketing Training
  • Domain Name Training
  • ICS Sizzle Call



Same as Silver +

  • Facebook Image Ads
  • Facebook Marketing Training
  • eBook Library
  • eMail Marketing Training
  • FREE Vacation!



Same as Gold +

  • ICS Banner Ads
  • Social Media Marketing Training
  • Webinar Sales Training
  • Personal Development Training
  • VIP Priority Support!
  • Top Compensation Plan!


What do you need to get started?


According to Instant Cash Solution, all you need to get started is:


  1. A Paypal account
  2. Money to pay for your membership
  3. A PC with Internet access
  4. 20 to 60 minutes a day to do your copy/paste work


Unfortunately, to be able to scale such business, you will need more than that (Details to follow below)…


How does the Instant Cash Solution work?


Once you have chosen the membership you wish to go for, you fill out a form and pay for your membership.


You will then get access to training and tools based on your membership level.


The tools include pre-written ads that you can copy and paste wherever you like.


When someone sees your ad and buys the product, you get commission depending on your membership level.


For example:


  • A Platinum member will get commission, regardless of the type of package they sell. This is because Platinum is the highest level available.
  • A Bronze member will only get commission from people who have purchased Bronze only packages.


So what happens if you are a Bronze member and someone purchases Platinum through you?


You don’t get any commission!!! This ends up being given to your sponsor or the sponsor of your sponsor… Basically to whoever comes before you in the chain and has purchased a Platinum package… Pretty lame!


Instant Cash Solution compensation plan - Instant Cash Solution review


Is it as easy as it seems?


No, it is not.


First of all, when you copy and paste these ads on a social media platform or on an advertising platform, you cannot just plonk your referral URL in there, otherwise you will risk to get banned in the long run!


So what you would need to do is post some catchy advert, hope for someone to ask for more info about it and then send a message to each and every person with the link they have to follow if they want to know more. A pretty tedious manual job.


When they click on that link, a sales funnel sequence will start and the Instant Cash Solution system will take care of everything else.


Now, let’s say this customer decides to purchase the Gold membership at $300, this money will go directly to you.


Basically people make money by purchasing a program and then tell others to buy it…


In fact, if you were to try and join the program by going to Instant Cash Solution‘s main website, rather than going through a sponsor, you will get the message below:


ICS Admin Home


The problem with the Instant Cash Solution system


In order to be able to use this program effectively, you do need to invest more than just the membership fee:


Promoting the program on your social media profile


Trying to post ads on you personal profile, hoping that family and friends will be interested in becoming members too, is simply not a method that can work in the long run:


  1. What are you going to do once all of your friends have purchased the program? How are you going to break that circle?
  2. Social media are made for socialising. Your family and friends do not want to see this crap all over their feeds!


Promoting the program somewhere like a Facebook group


If you have never been on those “Make money online” kind of Facebook groups, I would like you to join one, so that you can see what goes on in there.


Those groups are full of people who want to promote their thing. So whenever you post your advert, this will be ignored as 90% of people on that group are just trying to do what you are doing.


Using paid advertising on social media


The only one I am familiar with in terms of paid advertising is Facebook. Let me tell you something: It isn’t cheap!


Another problem is that creating a paid advert that has a call to action such as “Comment below for more info”, will turn into chaos if you start getting thousands of people asking for more information.


This is where you would need to link your advert to a convincing landing page. Instant Cash Solution provides you with landing pages, but I honestly don’t know whether they teach you how to effectively use them in such scenarios.


Posting your ads on Craiglist or similar


Posting a job on Craiglist is not free and price varies depending on the area. Price ranges between $10 to $75! So this adds up to your investment!


Imagine spending an average of $20 a day for an entire month and not making a sale… That’s $600 down the drain!




You can’t just expect to make money with your copy/paste skills. I don’t know what kind of training you are given once you have purchased the program, but I don’t think it is fair to make things sound easier than they are, especially since you cannot get a refund!


Is Instant Cash Solution a scam or legit?


I believe Instant Cash Solition is not a scam, as there are potentials for making this work if done right.


However, they should stop marketing this program as something that anybody can do!


The best way to get you started making money online is to learn the basics of how to build your own online business.


For example, you could create a blog and regularly write content. This will attract visitors, who could then turn into buyers of the product you are promoting.


If you really want to try the Instant Cash Solution program, then I would recommend you email them first and ask for more information on what kind of training you would be getting.


If they can’t answer that, then walk away. If you are going to spend hundreds of dollars on them, the minimum they could do would be answering one simple question!


What about the positive reviews out there?


All the ones I saw are from people who have their own YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers or even have their own blog. These people know what they are doing online, so of course they are going to make money with the program!


And guess what happens when their positive reviews convince you to join the program via their referral link? The reviewer gets the commission 😉


Learning how to make $1000+/month


There are some tips you can learn online that will allow you to make money without having to rely on just one single program.


The problem is that in order to make money online legitimately and effectively, you have got to work hard.


Nothing is given away for free in this life and all this “get money quick” schemes are never what they are portrayed to be!


The good thing is that you can make money by talking about things you love and by helping people out.


You don’t even have to invest anything upfront in order to start, which means that if you decide that building your own online business is not for you, you can just walk away, without losing any money.


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I hope you enjoyed this Instant Cash Solution review. Are you going to try the program anyway or have you tried it already? Let me know of your experience by leaving a comment below 🙂