15 Essential Oils Affiliate Programs - Up to 40% Commission!

15 Essential Oils Affiliate Programs – Up to 40% Commission!


Essential oils have been used for many years as it is believed that they possess many properties, such as boosting energy levels, helping with digestion and balancing hormones.


These oils are used for many purposes, including natural medicine, aromatherapy and beauty care.


Essential oils are made by extraction from plants, using a distillation process.


If you own a blog about aromatherapy, beauty, massages and so on, then these high ticket essential oils affiliate programs will be perfect for you (If you are yet to build a blog, then you might want to check out How to Create a Free Blogging Website in 2019).


Essential oils market is expected to reach USD 11.67 billion by 2022!


Here is my list of 15 Essential Oils Affiliate Programs, ordered by commission from highest to lowest.


15 Essential Oils Affiliate Programs Summary (Scroll for Details)


  1. Dharmaceuticals
  2. Floracopeia
  3. Shaman Oils
  4. Essential Oils Academy
  5. Amoils
  6. Vibrant Blue Oils
  7. Barefut
  8. Aromahead
  9. Starwest Botanicals
  10. Better Essentials
  11. Naturiffic
  12. Geo Genuine Essential Oils
  13. Aromafloria
  14. Jade Bloom
  15. Rocky Mountain Oils




URL: https://www.dharmaceuticals.com/pages/affiliate-program

Cookie Length: 90 Days


  • 15% for entry level affiliates
  • Opportunity to earn up to 40% for affiliates who sell more than $500/month worth of products


Dharmaceuticals Essential Oils Affiliate Program


Dharmaceuticals has been creating 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils since 1991.


Their products contain over 100 different blends and are also cruelty-free.


Everything is prepared by hand, using the best botanicals available each season.


Dharmaceuticals is based in the USA and sells a variety of products, including essentials oils, body sprays, bubble baths and shower gels.




URL: https://www.floracopeia.com/the-floracopeia-affiiliate-program

Cookie Length: 120 Days

Commission: 30%


Floracopeia Essential Oils


Floracopeia is USA based company that sells Skincare, Flower Essences and Essential Oils products. It also provides various courses for learning about Aromatherapy and how to use essential oils.


Their essential oils come from small artisan producers, and do not contain fillers.


Floracopeia‘s artisan body and skin care products are organic and contain revered botanicals from around the world.


Shaman Oils


URL: https://shamanoils.com/pages/affiliate-signup

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Commission: 25% for personal affiliates and 30% for corporate affiliates


Shaman Oils - Essential Oils and Aromatherapy


Shaman Oils has its headquarters in New Jersey, USA, but its global presence extends to farms in Albania, Egypt, Turkey, Ukraine, Brazil and Morocco.


They put a lot of emphasis in recycling and this has allowed them to save:


  • 1,100,000+ kilowatt hours of electricity
  • 17,300+ gallons of oil
  • 4,100+ gallons of gasoline
  • 2,000+ mature trees
  • 1,200,000+ gallons of water
  • 1,400+ cubic yards of landfill airspace


When referring Shaman Oils products, not only will you get generous commission, but you will also earn a $100 bonus for every $1,000 in sales you generate.


Essential Oils Academy


URL: http://www.essential-oils-academy.com/affiliate-program/

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: 25%


Essential Oils Academy


Angela Newsome created the Essential Oils Academy to provide a variety of classes based on becoming an Essential Oils expert.
After purchase, users can access these classes as many times as they like and they will also get ongoing support and compliance updates.


These classes aim towards helping people grow their Essential Oils business.




URL: https://www.amoils.com/affiliate.html

Cookie Length: 60 Days

Commission: 20%


Amoils Healing Natural Oils


Amoils is a San Diego based company founded in 2001. Since then, they have sold over 750,000 products.


Everything is manufactured in the USA and is cruelty-free as well as toxin free.


Their average customer’s order size is $62 and the conversion rate is 3-6%, when referred by quality sites.


Vibrant Blue Oils


URL: https://vibrantblueoils.com/affiliates/

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: 20%


Vibrant Blue Oils - Essential Oil Blends


Vibrant Blue essential oils are sourced from small organic farms.


Small farmers often grow only one or two crops a year and therefore take better care of their crops, meaning that they are high quality.


Vibrant Blue Oils are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers and added synthetic chemicals.




URL: https://barefut.com/affiliates/

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: 20% commission on first-time orders from those you’ve referred and 10% commissions on their subsequent orders


Barefut Pure Essential Oisl at Affordable Prices


Barefut was founded in December 2010 in Utah, as a small company to meet the local needs of health stores, chiropractors, spas, and individuals.


Over the years, they have grown and gained the trust of thousands of customers, thanks to their affordable but high quality products.


Barefut Essential Oils is owned and operated by Certified Aromatherapists, who source their essential oils from over 35 countries around the world.


Affiliates can enjoy great commissions, as well as receiving a 10% discount on their personal purchases.




URL: https://info.aromahead.com/class-affiliate-program

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: $25 when referring users to the Aromatherapy for Natural Living or Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists course. $100 when referring users to Aromatherapy Certification Program


Aromahead - Aromatherapy Education and Resources


Aromahead provides videos, books and courses that teach all about aromatherapy and essential oils.


Their commission is quite generous and it depends on the type of course a customer has been referred to.


These courses are Aromatherapy for Natural Living, Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists and Aromatherapy Certification Program.


Starwest Botanicals


URL: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=19017

Cookie Length: 60 Days

Commission: 15%


Starwest Botanicals - Aromatherapy Affiliate Programs

Starwest Botanicals started as a small retail herb shop in 1975 in Sacramento, California.


They supply over 3,000 bulk herbs and natural products.


Starwest Botanicals’ affiliate program is managed by ShareASale.


Better Essentials


URL: https://www.betteressentials.com/pages/affiliate-program

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Commission: 15%


Better Essentials - Essential Oils Affiliate Programs


Better Essentials is owned by a health enthusiast and yoga instructor.


They offer a range of essential oils, as well as kits such as diffusers and travel cases.




URL: https://www.naturiffic.com/affiliate

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: 15%

Naturiffic Natural Products


Naturiffic was founded in 2015 to provide all natural and additive free products.


The business was born after the founder’s health issues brought her to look for natural ways to feel better.


Naturiffic offers Loose Leaf Teas, Gourmet Seasonings, Bathing Salts and Massage Oils.


GEO Genuine Essential Oils


URL: https://www.avantlink.com/programs/14439/geo-essential-affiliate-program

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Commission: 15% to 20% depending on performance


GEO - Genuine Essential Oils


GEO Genuine Essential Oils offers a variety of pure essential oils.


These oils have no synthetic esters, emulsifying agents or petroleum based dilutants such as mineral oil. No toxic chemicals have been added.




URL: https://www.aromafloria.com/affiliates/

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: 15%


Aromafloria Wellness in Bloom


Aromafloria has been on the market for 32 years.


They sell 100% artisan quality skincare and aromatherapy products.


Each product is cruelty-free, gluten-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, phthalates-free, and preservative-free.


Jade Bloom


URL: https://jadebloom.com/affiliate

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: Up to 15% 

Jade Bloom - Essential Oils, Natural Products and Tea


Jade Bloom has a selection of natural products, tea and essential oils.


It was founded with the mission of providing the highest quality essential oils at the lowest prices.


They are firm believers that a healthy body promotes happiness!


Rocky Mountain Oils


URL: https://www.rockymountainoils.com/affiliate-program/

Cookie Length: 30 Days

Commission: 9% to 16%


Rocky Mountain Oils


Rocky Mountain Oils has been on the market for over 13 years. It was created by wellness enthusiasts who were determined to provide essential oils that are pure and safe to use.

They provide GC/MS test results from an independent lab on all of their essential oils, in order to show their customers that their oils are pure and of high quality.


I hope you enjoyed reading this “15 Essential Oils Affiliate Programs – Up to 40% Commission!” post. Please feel free to leave a comment below, if you think that I have missed other high commission Essential Oil Affiliate Programs 🙂



5 thoughts on “15 Essential Oils Affiliate Programs – Up to 40% Commission!”

  1. Just recently, I saw a spike in the number of companies venturing into the essential oils product lines. I think this is a byproduct of the general public becoming more interested in wellness and in massage. Business-wise, this can be a great opportunity for people passionate about essential oils and the associated professions. But I’d like to caution online sellers about joining opportunities like these: Make sure that the opportunity you are joining does not demand for you to pay to participate. Some companies out there, you have to buy the products in order to be considered an active affiliate and that’s wrong. If they insist on demanding affiliates to pay in order to earn, then that should be called network marketing and not affiliate marketing.

  2. Hi Cristina, thank you so much on this topic. I have a website about healthy diets, supplements, and of course, healthy food, so essential oils are quite often part of my discussions. I find this article of yours very helpful because I would spend a lot of time to get all the information that you shared here. By the way, I already did that, and all the affiliate programs with essential oils that I found was around 10% commissions, so you really saved my day. I already picked few favorites from your list, so I will check them out a bit more before I deside with which once I will definitely go.

    You made a really nice list here, and you put out the most important things that I need to know.

  3. Hi Cristina,

    Thank you for this comprehensive list!

    I have a health related website, so I am definitely interested in writing a few articles that talk about the benefits of essential oils and use a couple of the essential oils affiliate programs you have recommended.

    40% commission does sound great!

    All the best,


  4. Hi, Cristina.  More proof that there is an affiliate program out there for just about any product you can think of. This isn’t something I would be interested in but this information is going to help someone for sure.

    Essential Oils have been gaining steadily in popularity over the years and, as you have said, many have benefited from their use.  I think this could be a very lucrative niche as some of those commissions are pretty good.

    I know that my wife has used eucalyptus oil to treat sinus issues from time to time and I also understand that lilac is supposed to have a calming effect for some.

    Just one question.  Do any of these Affiliate Programs require the affiliate to be the seller or do they just use provided links from the company?  Kind of like what WA does for its members.

    All the best,


    • Hi Wayne,

      All of these programs require you to promote the link only. No selling or recruiting involved, luckily 🙂


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