Do Younique Presenters Make Money? The Answer will let you down

Do Younique Presenters Make Money? The Answer Will Let You Down…

Do you love make-up and want to start turning your passion into profits?

Have you been looking for information on various beauty products companies such as Avon, Mary Kay and Younique but cannot make up your mind as to which one to pick or whether any of them are worth joining at all?

Well, in this post I will be talking about the Younique Business Opportunity as I want to help you decide if this is the right business path for you 🙂

What is Younique compensation plan like? Do Younique presenters make money? Is Younique a pyramid scheme? I shall answers all of these questions and more.

Before we dive in, I want to clarify that with any business opportunity you choose, you can only make money if you know how to market the products/services you are selling.

So if you are a newby to marketing, then I beg you to check this out first --> How to Make Money Online Legit

Learning how to succeed will prevent disasters such as losing a lot of money!

What is Younique?


Younique is a beauty products company founded in 2012 and based in Utah.


The company sells products using a multi-level marketing (MLM) marketing strategy.


This is the same business model used by other beauty products companies such as Avon and Mary Kay.


Younique does not directly sell its products to customers. They produce cosmetics which are then marketed by its presenters.


How to become a Younique Presenter


In order to register as a Younique presenter, go to and click on “Join My Team” at the top right-hand side of the screen (if available):


Younique join my team


Doing so should take you straight to the “Create Account” page.


Otherwise, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click on “Join” under “Explore Younique”:

join Younique link


On the next page click on “Register Now”. You will then be taken to the “Create Account” page.


Create your account by following the instructions on screen.


Once that is done, you will have to register as a Younique presenter by going into your dashboard and clicking on “Become a Younique Presenter Today” under “Live Younique”


Become a presenter today - younique link


You will then have to fill in and submit a form along with payment for your Younique Presenter Kit.


What does the Younique Presenter kit come with?


The Younique presenter kit currently costs $99 (£69).


Here is what you will find in the kit:


  • MOODSTRUCK EPIC 4D one-step fiber mascara
  • MOODSTRUCK ESTEEM lash serum
  • MOODSTRUCK PRECISION pencil eyeliner
  • MOODSTRUCK liquid shadow
  • MOODSTRUCK ADDICTION shadow palette
  • YOUNIQUE fluffy crease brush
  • TOUCH BEHOLD translucent setting powder
  • MOODSTRUCK SPLASH liquid lipstick
  • MOODSTRUCK HOTTIE lip plumper
  • YOU·OLOGY brightening mask
  • YOU·OLOGY UPLIFT beauty oil
  • YOU·OLOGY cleansing stick
  • MOODSTRUCK EPIC lash primer
  • YOU·OLOGY perfecting mask sample
  • YOU·OLOGY exfoliating mask sample
  • YOU·OLOGY brightening mask sample
  • YOU·OLOGY oil control mask sample
  • TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation sample card
  • White Status Younique Presenter Charm
  • Younique Catalog
  • Younique Presenter Guide
  • Purple faux leather makeup bag


Please note that kit content and colours are subject to change.



What are the Younique Presenter levels?


When you first join Younique, you will be considered an “Entry Presenter” and the first status awarded to you will be White.


As you sell more products and start recruiting people in your team, your status will advance.


Here are all the Younique Presenter levels:


  • White
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Black


What is the compensation plan like?


As you can see from the screenshots below, each new Younique presenter starts off as a “White Status Presenter” who receives 20% commission for every new sale.


In order to go up to Yellow status, the presenter will have to make 500 personal retail sales in total. This will then take the commission up to 25%.


Refer to the Status Requirements and Royalties screenshots below for all other presenter statuses:


Younique compensation plan status requirements

Younique compensation plan - royalties


Younique’s compensation plan is very well explained in the video below:



Younique car bonus


White Status through Orange Status presenters are eligible for a car bonus of $250/month.


They will have to achieve a minimum of 500 Personal Retail Sales, 50 Fast Start First Level Wholesale Sales, and a combined Personal Wholesale Sales and First Level Wholesale Sales of 2,500.


Purple and Black status presenters are egible for an exclusive car bonus of  $500-$750/month.


Both standard and exclusive car bonus allowances can be used for anything other than a car, but if you decide to get a car then you can choose whatever model you like.


WARNING: The allowance will only be given to you in the months during which you have met the requirements!


Can younique presenters sell on ebay?


Younique makes it clear that selling their products via third party websites such Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon and so on is forbidden.


All online sales must be done via your Younique website.


On top of that, you are not allowed to store stock in a retail location and sell from there.


Younique Presenter pros and cons



  • Working for one of the most well know MLMs in the beauty field
  • Starter kit is reasonably priced and allows you to try the business opportunity without going broke
  • Clear and straight forward compensation plan
  • Commissions are paid quickly



  • Like with any other MLM, you have to recruit others to join your team in oder to get to higher ranks
  • You will have to train your team and ensure that they all market Younique products correctly, in order to sell enough for good profits
  • Younique has received low ratings on


Do Younique Presenters Make Money?


I could not find any stats regarding past years earnings of Younique presenters.


Generally, with multi-level marketing companies only 1% of people succeed.


This is due to the lack of marketing training given to future consultants (presenters in Younique’s case).


Younique presenters put a lot of emphasis into selling their products via your personal social media accounts and I completely disagree with this approach. Many online marketers disagree, actually…


Here is why:


  • Posting about your Younique products on your social media account will only reach your close friends and family, while you should be aiming at people who can become lifetime customers
  • Not all of your friends will be interested in make-up
  • Cold messaging someone via their private social media account, begging them to buy your product is the worst thing you could ever do


You can use social media business pages and post about your products using certain keywords and using paid ads to reach your ideal customers, but never ever use your personal account to pester family and friends with your new business opportunity!


Is Younique a scam?


Younique is definitely not a scam, however during my research I found that their products are not highly rated. currently shows Younique having 2.5/5 stars:


Younique consumer affairs rating


Personally, I would not want to sell a brand that has less than a 4 star rating!


Is Younique a pyramid scheme?


Sometimes people confuse MLMs with pyramid schemes, but although there are some similarities, they are definitely not the same thing.


In a pyramid scheme earnings are made by just recruiting other people.


MLMs on the other hand, allow you to make money by earning commission for the products you market as well as getting others to join your team, but the latter is not mandatory (although very emphasised).


This is why Younique is an MLM and not a pyramid scheme.


Increasing your chances of succeeding with Younique


Now that you are almost at the end of this review, I want to ask you a question: Do you still want to sell Younique?


If the answer is “NO”, then head straight below to the “A better way of making money selling make-up online” section to understand what alternatives you have to selling Younique.


If the answer is “YES”, then here is my advice:


  • Do your research and join a team led by a presenter who will allow you to use your own marketing strategies and will never push you to abuse social media nor recruiting others if you do not want to
  • Learn how to do marketing the right way and apply these rules to your Younique business –> How to Make Money Legitimately


A better way of making money selling make-up online


If you are reading this part of the review is because you have decided that Younique is not the right opportunity for you and you want to find one that will make you happy.


Here are some ideas:


  • Create your own beauty blog and earn commission by promoting products, such as any beauty products you can find on Amazon. You will earn commission every time someone clicks on your affiliate links and purchases products on Amazon via your own link
  • Create a YouTube channel and start making tutorials or reviews on YouTube. Recommend products and earn commission every time someone purchases something via your affiliate links


Regardless of the option you choose, there is one thing you need to do first: Learn how to do affiliate marketing the right way.


You can get started for FREE and I will be there to mentor you throughout your online business journey 🙂


Head to How to make money online legitimately to get started.


Did you enjoy reading this “Do Younique Presenters Make Money? The Answer Will Let You Down…” post?


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