Crowdology Review - Can you make a full-time living with it

Crowdology Review – Can You Make a Full-Time Living With It?

Have you just come across a survey site called Crowdology and want to know whether you should sign up to it?

There are so many websites out there claiming to help people make money online, so knowing which one is legit can be very hard.

Crowdology is packed with complaints all over the internet and all these complaints have one thing in common...

I will reveal what it is further down my Crowdology review 🙂

However, before you go ahead, did you know that you could actually earn a full-time income by taking the time you need to complete all these surveys and investing it into something called Affiliate Marketing?

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Crowdology Review Summary

Product Name: Crowdology

Price: Free

Best for: People who want to spend lots of hours doing some repetitive work just to earn a few pennies.

man in doubt

Summary: Crowdology is very transparent in regard to their rewards, however many people have complained about not being paid and their customer support are just not responding to these complaints.

Rating: 1.3/5

Recommended: NO!

What is Crowdology?


Crowdology is a market research company that pays users for completing paid surveys.


Market research is the activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs to help organisations shape their products and services.


Crowdology is available both in the UK and USA.


How do you sign up to complete Crowdology Surveys?


Go on Crowdology‘s website and click on “Sign up”.


You will be prompted to filling out a short form with your name, email address, password and postcode.


Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email where you will be asked to confirm your email address:


Crowdology confirm email


Click on the “Confirm Email” button. You will be taken to the screen below:


Crowdology verified email


Once you click on “Take your first survey”, you will be taken to a “Consent” page where you will be able to choose how your data will be shared.


The following agreements are mandatory:


  • I agree to the Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions
  • I agree to participate in surveys and other market research activities


At this point you will have to complete your profile by answering some questions about you.


The more questions you answer, the more chances you will have to be invited to complete surveys.


Crowdology‘s surveys are by invitation only.


Crowdology Rewards


There are 3 ways you can claim your account balance:


  1. Amazon – Claim £10 at a time worth of Amazon gift cards (This can take up to 4 weeks)
  2. Gcodes – Claim £10 at a time worth of rewards using Gcodes
  3. PayPal – Turn your account balance into money that can be withdrawn via PayPal. £4 minimum withdrawal and £7.92 maximum (PayPal will also deduct a 2% handling fee from each transaction)


Rewards vary depending on the length of the survey you complete.


Some very long surveys can pay up to £10, however these are very rare.


Most surveys take 2 to 15 minutes to complete, so you can expect to be paid around 25p to 50p per survey.


Crowdology complaints on Trustpilot


Unfortunately Crowdology‘s Trustpilot rating is very poor:


Crowdology complaints on trustpilot


Most people complain about money suddenly disappearing from their accounts and customer support not responding when help is needed.


There are also many complaints about surveys crashing once they have been completed or being told that you do not qualify for the survey after submitting your answers (This seems to be very common with paid surveys, for example check my OneOpinion review).


Can you really make money with Crowdology?


Given the fact that you can complete surveys by invitation only and that you get paid a low amount of money for each survey, Crowdology is definitely not a way for people to get rich.


As Crowdology‘s FAQs page states:


You’re not going to earn a fortune. If you commit a lot of time to filling out paid surveys and take every one that you’re eligible for, then you can hope to save for a nice meal out or perhaps something you wouldn’t normally buy. Otherwise, you’ll be earning pocket money to help justify some of life’s little treats.”

So if you are looking for a way to earn substantial cash or even work full-time online, then Crowdology is not the right place for you.


Is Crowdology legit?


Crowdology is very transparent in regard to their rewards and the fact that completing online surveys will never make you rich.


I really like the fact that they don’t make exaggerated earning claims just for the sake of attracting more people.


Some people have been able to cash out with them, however many have been saying otherwise.


It may sound like perhaps Crowdology has been having issues with their website, however this has been going on for too long and the fact that customer support never responds is just unacceptable!


I would personally stay away from them and invest my time earning money somewhere else.


Survey police crowdology reviews


So, how can I make money doing online surveys?


To be honest, surveys in general will always just allow you to make some pocket money!


You just don’t get paid enough and you are not in control of how many surveys you can take.


It amazes me how much time people waste on paid surveys. Some spend their evenings and weekends doing them to just earn an extra £5/week (if lucky).


There are better ways to make money online, for example:


  • Writing eBooks
  • Dropshipping
  • Affiliate Marketing


The latter is my favourite way of making money online and with some hard work and perseverance you may even end up quitting your full-time job.


Watch the video in my How to Make Money Online Legitimately post to understand why you should consider learning how to become an Affiliate Marketer.


I hope you enjoyed reading this Crowdology review 🙂


Have you already had any experience with Crowdology? Leave a comment below to tell me all about it!