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AnswerThePublic: Find the Perfect Keyword in 10 Seconds!


Can AnswerThePublic help you with keyword researching? Is it worth using? This is what I will be covering in this AnswerThePublic Review 🙂


Finding the perfect keyword for your piece of content takes time. You need to analyse the competition, understand which keywords are the most searched in Google and check that the chosen ones do actually make sense to the reader.


I find that the most difficult part about keyword researching, is coming up with niche keyword ideas for something that otherwise would be too competitive.


Let’s say I want to write about SEO. Well, I would never stand a chance to get my post ranked if I used that as my keyword. It is just too competitive!


So what can I do to find a less competitive keyword? What kind of questions do users ask about the topic I want to talk about? Well, AnswerThePublic can tell you what these are!


What is AnswerThePublic?


If you have ever done keyword research before, then you would have probably taken advantage of the “find as you type” feature of the Google search engine.


This is when you have a keyword in mind and type it in Google to see what the most common searches are.


Let’s type “Wealthy Affiliate” as an example:


wealthy affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate is a great affiliate marketing course that I have been following for a while and the above are the most searched sentences for the main keyword that I typed in Google search.


People are looking for reviews and success stories.


AnswerThePublic takes the hard work off your hands.


When you use AnswerThePublic, you no longer have to type in a combination of words in Google, wait for the results and write them down.


All you do is just search for the main keyword, such as the one above and AnswerThePublic will do the rest, by finding any type of searches that contain that word:


AnswerThePublic results


Is AnswerThePublic free to use?


AnswerThePublic can be used for free but it has some limitations. Their website lists a few differences between the Free and the Pro version, but to me the ones listed below are the only possible real blockers:


  • You are limited to 3 searches per day (This is not confirmed on their page, but I have always hit that limit when testing)
  • You can only perform searches in the UK
  • Reports are not automatically saved


AnswerThePublic Free vs Pro


As you can see, they recommend you go Pro if you are an agency or a big team.


If you are just a regular blogger who posts a few times a week, then the Free version is more than enough (unless you need to perform localised searches), as long as you are 100% sure of the main keyword you want to perform a search for on that day 🙂


Remember that if you decide to go Pro, the $99/month will be billed automatically each month, until you cancel!


What kind of data will AnswerThePublic return?


The data returned is split into the following:


  1. Questions
  2. Prepositions
  3. Comparisons
  4. Alphabetical
  5. Related



These are search queries that start with or include ARE, CAN, HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHICH, WHO, WHY and so on.

Here is an example:

AnswerThePublic questions



These are questions that start with or include prepositions such as NEAR, TO, WITH and WITHOUT.

See this example below:

AnswerThePublic prepositions



Queries that relate to comparison searches and start with or include comparatives such as AND, LIKE, OR, VERSUS and VS.

Here is an example:

AnswerThePublic comparisons



This are all the queries found, listed in alphabetical order:

AnswerThePublic alphabetical



These are queries that are closely related to the keyword you have entered:

AnswerThePublic related


All data can be viewed in both text and visualisation format.


Images can be downloaded and text can be saved as CSV, giving you the opportunity to create your own little folder with data that can be used at a later stage.


Can AnswerThePublic help me improve my content?


It can indeed!


AnswerThePublic is a great tool that can help you expand your initial ideas and turn them into answers that users have been looking for.


However, your keyword research should not stop there.


Once you get your data from AnswerThePublic, note down the keywords that you like the most and seem the most appropriate for what you want to write about, then make sure you check their search volume and competition, so that you can pick the winner!


I use this online keyword search tool, which allows me to see both volume and competition of a keyword:


Make sure you also type these keywords into Google search, to see how many results a certain query returns.


This, for example, is just too competitive for a new website to rank well:

Google competition search


This one is already a bit better:


Google competition search 2


Always make sure that you go for the long-tail keywords, if your site is still new 🙂


Conclusion: AnswerThePublic can really open your mind when writing new content!


I really like AnswerThePublic. It has a simple interface, it is easy to use and has enough free daily searches for us solo content writers.


This tool definitely takes keyword researching to the next level, allowing you to save time and come up with ideas that you might have never thought of otherwise!


Head to, if you want to try it for yourself 🙂


I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it!




Are you going to try AnswerThePublic yourself? If so, feel free to leave a comment below to let me know how you found it.


You can also email me at [email protected] if you prefer 🙂



17 thoughts on “AnswerThePublic: Find the Perfect Keyword in 10 Seconds!”

  1. Hello Cristina,

    Thanks for this review on answer the public.

    So far I have been using Jaaxy for my keyword research and all has been going well so far.

    Reading through your well-detailed review, I get to see some value I can get from answerthepublic.

    But I will like to know , in your opinion which is better, jaaxy our answerthepublic?

    • Hi Etah,

      I am assuming you are referring to the “Alphabet Soup” section of Jaxxy, rather than the keywords search section.

      I found that in terms of expanding keywords ideas, AnswerThePublic was better, however I recommend using both. Use AnswerThePublic to expand your ideas and Jaxxy to research the competitiveness and search volume of those ideas 🙂

      I hope this makes sense!


  2. You offer a great review here of Answer the Public.  Does Answer the Public offer site ranking information?  I’m asking because I know how important it is to know where your site is ranking in the search engines.  It’s great to be able to see that information is you are working on an SEO project.  Also, I think it is a bit expensive at $99 per month.  Is there an in between price or just the free version and the $99.  Last question, you mentioned you can only search UK with free version, I just want to clarify, if you get the paid version you can do local searches, correct?



    • Hi Hans,

      No, it does not offer site ranking information. Answer The Public only help you find ideas for your keyword.

      I think the best tool you can use to see your site performance will always be Google own Search Console 😉

      Yes, the Pro version will allow you to do searches in other versions of Google, such as USA, Italy, Germany, France and so on. You can choose around 200 regions.

      I hope this helps!


  3. I see this as a fascinating tool for SEO coupled with the fact that it has a specific purpose which is to find keywords for your articles. The little problem I see is the monthly payment which is kind of expensive while the free is limited to a UK search only. But with the data a split makes it more interesting and loving to use.. Would try it out. 

    • Hi Yormith,

      The Google UK search only is not a great limitation, unless you need to perform region specific searches.

      I agree that $99/month is a big jump from the free version, but if all you do is blogging, the free version will be enough for you for the moment 🙂

  4. This is a really well researched and presented article concerning the Answer The Public SEO Tool. Going by what you have written the free version sounds very restrictive when wanting to dig deeper, especially to find that prized long-tail version. However, I will be researching this tool further, with the free version, owing to your recommendation.

    Thanks for unearthing this SEO tool so that I may add it to my arsenal of tools. 

    • You can still search for long-tail keywords using the Free version of Answer The Public SEO Tool, but the search will only be performed in Google UK, meaning that you won’t be able to perform a localisation search for the US, for example.

      Let me know how you find the tool 🙂

  5. I know what I went through when I was looking for a niche for my site. The research for the perfect keyword took me for more than two days because I understand the implications of joining a very competitive keyword niche. Had it being that I knew of something like answer the public,it would have saved me more time

  6. Thank you for a great article. As you no doubt know SEO is the constant headache for the content writer. The solutions that you propose are both new to me and are something that i will definitely try to ease my concerns. 

    Your article was so good that I ended up routing through your site some more for more useful tips.

    • Thank you Adrian 🙂 SEO is not such a headache when you get used to it.

      Please feel free to message me, if you need anything!


  7. Thank you for this valuable information. I am a new blogger and I’ve been looking for a keyword research tool that will help me with relevant keywords to use in my blog posts. I am in a competitive niche so I know that I need to come up with keywords that are most searched in Google or other search engines, but with low competition. 

    With Answer the Public, I actually do not mind that I am limited to only 3 searches per day with their free membership but I was disappointed to learn that this is only available in UK. I really wish they would make this available internationally. 

    • Hi Alice,

      AnswerThePublic is not only available in the UK. The free membership allows you to perform a search only in Google UK but you do not have to be in the UK to do it.

      This is more than enough unless you are looking for localised queries, such as “best affiliate marketing in Chicago”.

      I hope this clarifies things!


  8. Answer the public is a unique tool, and it can be very beneficial to bloggers. With this tool, I can make even more quality keyword research, and meet the specific needs of my audience.

    For now, I believe the free version will suit my needs, and its a good way to test the productivity of this software.

  9. Interesting article Cristina,

    I’ve heard of Ubersuggest by Neil patel but Answer the Public Sounds much simpler to use! I live in Malaysia and for certain areas here, I need to do a mixture of content in English and in Malay. English I got no problem with as it is Google’s main language but for Malay, I have yet found a keyword tool that can research the region. 

    Will the Pro version give me access to Malay too?

    • Hi Riaz,

      I would still advise you use Ubersuggest too, after using Answer The Public, because the latter won’t give you competition and search volume data 🙂

      Unfortunately, their website does not list all the regions or languages you would get if you went Pro, so I suggest you reach out to their customer support 🙂


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