Textbroker Review - Can you make £2000+/month?

Textbroker Review – Can You Make £2000+/Month? Legit or Not?

Textbroker Review Summary

Product Name:  Textbroker

Price: Free

Best for: People who want earn some extra cash in their spare time and are not willing to start their own profitable online business.

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Summary: Earning a full-time income would prove to be very difficult with Textbroker's rates. Use Textbroker if you just want to make an extra 50 euros a week on top of your current job, but go elsewhere if you are looking for a full-time job!

Rating: 3.3/5

Recommended: Only to make some extra cash in your spare time!

Are you a writer looking to make some money online? If so, you will be happy to know that there are many ways you can achieve this, with Textbroker being one of these.

But does Textbroker pay well? Is it worth joining?

Let me answer all these questions for you in this Textbroker review 🙂

Textbroker is definitely legit and can help you earn some money, however making a full-time income would prove to be very difficult. Furthermore, you would not have the freedom to work for yourself!

This is why I recommend you read this article on How to Make Money Online Legitimately instead!

If you still wish to know more about Textbroker, read through this Textbroker review, where I will uncover all the important stuff 🙂

What is Textbroker?


Textbroker is a website that allows you to earn money by writing content for their clients.


There are various types of content that freelancers can work on, for example product descriptions, blog posts, technical articles and social medias.


Textbroker was Founded in Germany in 2007, but it now has its headquarters in Las Vegas.


Textbroker Review. Does Textbroker pay well? Is Textbroker legit?


How does Textbroker Work?


The website is completely free to join and the application process goes as follows:


  1. Register
  2. Submit a writing sample
  3. Get your rating (This will define how much money you can earn with open orders)
  4. Set up your profile
  5. Start working


Textbroker will provide a list of work which has been submitted by their clients. You get paid per word, depending on your experience and ratings.


Getting your star rating


After registering to Textbroker, users must submit a writing sample, which will then allow them to receive an initial rating between 2 and 4 stars.


Ratings are reviewed once authors have written their first five articles. These articles are then rated between 2 to 5 stars.


Textbroker‘s editors check for spelling, writing style, structure, grammar and readability.


Here is an overview of their writing criteria:


Textbroker review - writing criteria


How much money can you earn with Textbroker?


Pay depends on experience and type of order:


Textbroker pay


So let’s say you are an excellent writer and Textbroker gives you 5 stars, your OpenOrder rate per word will be 4 euro cents per word.


Now, as you might already know, writing even a 1000 words article, takes time. You have got to do your research, find the right words for the context, review your work and so on. A well written 1000 words article might even take you a full 8-hour working day to complete.


At 4 euro cents per word, that is just 40 Euros per day and if you write 1000 words a day, 5 days a week, that is around 800 euros per month.


This might be a good enough salary in certain countries, but it would definitely not pay all your bills if you lived in places such as the US, UK or Canada!


Textbroker also offers some additional rewards, but in my opinion, these are still not worth putting the effort to work full-time for them:


Textbroker rewards


Textbroker payment method


Textbroker pays via PayPal or bank transfer to European bank accounts.


Usually, transfers are carried out on the Friday of each week. If the Friday is a holiday, the transfer is postponed to the following workday.


Payment requests need to be done by Thursday, in order to be paid the day after. Failing to do so, will result into payments rolling over to the next week.


Payoffs can only be requested with a minimum balance of 10 EUR. Smaller amounts are carried over to the next week.


Earnings are deposited into the author’s Textbroker account, only once their article has been accepted.


Is Textbroker pay worth it?


Unless you are a very fast writer with high ratings and experience, which will allow you to charge more than 4 euro cents per word, then I would say Textbroker‘s pay is not worth the effort.


Of course, you could use Textbroker as a way to make some extra cash and take the odd job when you have free time. That could be an option, but it would definitely not bring you a long term sustainable income.


There are better ways to make money using your writing skills. Ways that eventually could bring you a full-time passive income.


Earning Passive income as a writer, means writing some content now, which will then bring you long term profits. You work on it once, but you make money from it as long as that piece of content is out there.


Is Textbroker legit?


Textbroker has quite some good reviews out there. See for example this Textbroker Sitejabber reviews, whereas of now there are 132 reviews with an average of 4 star ratings:


Textbroker reviews


Textbroker does pay for the work done via their platform and it is a great opportunity to make some extra cash in your spare time.


However, it is not the best way to earn a full-time income, unless you are up for working 70+ hours per week!


Better ways to make money writing


Being a writer does not mean that you will have to spend your life working for someone else and being underpaid.


You have several good options to make money online and if you have probably heard of them before:


  1. Publishing an Ebook
  2. Starting a blog
  3. Starting a dropshipping business


All of the above will allow you to have your own writing business (Yes, even dropshipping involves writing, for example products descriptions!) that can eventually bring you a full-time passive income.


Blogging is my favourite and as a writer, it will probably be your favourite too, as it gives you the opportunity to research and talk about different topics.


A new blog won’t make you money straight away, as it takes at least 1 year of hard work first.


However, if you currently have a job and have some spare time to invest on your own business, then you can easily get started with blogging.


You can start for free and I can guarantee you that if you work hard, you could even be earning £5000+/month in a couple of years time.


Click to learn how to make money blogging and start your blog for free!


Making money online


I hope you found this Textbroker review useful. Are you still going to give Textbroker a go? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂


3 thoughts on “Textbroker Review – Can You Make £2000+/Month? Legit or Not?”

  1. Why wouldn’t someone want to start their own profitable online business? guess only textbooks of course.

    Well instead of being a textbroker that writes content for others, I would rather use that content for myself and make much more money, and I can still say that it’s my own business and my own content.

    It didn’t sound too bad at first with the free signup and a simple article or 5 that you have to send, but it still won’t be my content to claim. 

    But overall, thank you for covering this topic and all the best.

  2. Hello Cristina, Textbroker might be a legit company, one that requires the service on others to make them the profit that will take them from Rags to Riches. However, those who will be working via their platform will not be on route to riches with Textbrokers owners.

     They will be the Textbrokers builders. I believe those who desire to make money online should follow your number one recommendation and learn how it can be done.


  3. Hello Cristina,

    Thanks for your unbiased review post on Textbroker. I found it to be very informative and enlightening for anyone thinking of working for them as an author. You have provided a break down of what Textbroker is, the registration process and the pay structure. I particularly like the fact that you are not creating unrealistic expectations and thus helping the potential author make an informed decision on whether to sign up to Textbroker or not. 

    It is also good that you have provided other options for making money so that your readers have a wide selection of choices. Blogging is my favourite as well. I think it is one of the easiest ways to make money online as you literally can blog just about anything. My blogging site is on home based business ideas and I have been a blogger for the past two years. 

    Thanks again for your post. I have not yet tried using content writers for my site but after reading your review, I might just try. 

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