Taking Surveys for Money Is a Waste of Time!

Taking Surveys for Money Is a Waste of Time!

Yes, I have said it!

Taking surveys for money is a waste of time... Precious time that could be invested into doing something that can generate real profits 🙂

I do understand why many people out there get into the online surveys world: It is a pretty straight forward thing to do and anybody can do it.

I used to be one of those who wanted to earn some quick cash, until I realised I could do more than just that!

The online world has got great potentials for success, so if you are thinking of just spending several hours a day taking surveys for money, then please allow me to explain why you shouldn't do that 🙂

Why Taking Surveys for Money Is a Waste of Time – Summary


  • Low Income Potential: Average $0.25 for a 10 minute survey
  • Getting Disqualified After Taking a Survey: They allow you to take surveys that do not match your profile, then you get disqualified at the end (No payment)
  • Not Qualifying for Enough Surveys to Reach The Payment Threshold: If your profile does not match certain requirements, you won’t get many surveys sent your way. It will be hard to reach the payment threshold
  • Surveys Take Too Much Time to Complete: Given the low earning potentials and the risk of being disqualified, we can say that it just takes too much time that is not worth the risk
  • Beware of The Scammers: See some scam examples –> Notion Cash, Clout Bucks and Referral Pay
  • A Better Way to Make Money Online: Definitely this –> How to Make Money Online Legitimately 🙂


Woman giving feedback by Taking Surveys for Money


Low income potential


No survey out there will ever make you rich!


Even survey platforms such as Crowdology admit it on their own FAQs page.


Online surveys are an easy way to earn pocket money by filling in some questionnaires.


However, with an average pay of $0.25 for a 10-minute survey, you would be better off working part-time at your local grocery store. At least, you know that you will always get paid 😉


Getting disqualified after taking a survey


Many survey platforms out there lack in robusticity and despite asking you to fill in an initial questionnaire so that they can find the right surveys for you, very often they will send you surveys you do not qualify for.


What happens in that case is that you fill in the entire questionnaire, but when you click on “submit” you are told that you do not qualify for the survey.


This obviously results into payments being denied to you, despite having spent so much time completing the survey.


Imagine taking a 30-minute-long survey and ending up with such a beautiful surprise… eeek!!!


OneOpinion is one of the many platforms that has had complaints from people who had been disqualified after taking online surveys.


Not qualifying for enough surveys to reach the payment threshold


When you take surveys, you cannot cash out your earnings until you reach a certain threshold.


The payment threshold is on average around $20.


At this point you might think that is not too bad…


Unfortunately though, when you join survey platforms you are asked to complete your profile by answering questions about you.


If your profile does not match the surveys requirements, then you will not receive many surveys invitations 🙁


Surveys take too much time to complete


There are many types of surveys out there and on average they can be as short as 2 minutes to as long as 30 minutes.


A 2-minute survey will usually earn you around $0.02, so it is always worth going for a longer one.


However, even a 30 minutes survey will earn you $0.70 on average and to me that is just a waste of time.


It takes way too much time to complete a survey when you look at how much you will get paid for the effort!


Beware of the scammers


As powerful and wonderful as the internet can be, unfortunately there is also a lot of bad stuff going on.


In terms of online paid surveys, I have previously reviewed fake survey platforms such as Notion Cash, Clout Bucks and Referral Pay.


These scammers set up new websites every so often, so that when they get caught they can just close the previous website down and scam new people with the new one.


Users join the platforms and start to complete surveys, but when they reach the payment threshold they do not get paid and “customer support” does not respond to their queries.


If you do decide to join an online survey platform, please do go and look at the “payment proof” section.


Fake surveys sites tend to use the same photos, videos and testimonials over and over again.


You will be able to see what to look out for by reading my Notion Cash, Clout Bucks and Referral Pay reviews 🙂


A better way to make money online


If you enjoy filling in questionnaires, then I am sure you would also enjoy blogging 🙂


Having a blog is one of the cheapest way to make money online, with the potential of earning a full-time income!


I have learned how to blog to earn money from here –> How to Make Money Online Legitimately


The lessons are straight forward and you also get to host your website on the same platform at no additional cost.


You can start with the basics for FREE and even keep your website without ever upgrading to premium.


However, if you are serious about making money online, I recommend you eventually upgrade.


For less than $1 a day, you could finally have the chance to be financially free 🙂


Watch this eye-opening video and join me on the path to financial freedom…


I hope you enjoyed reading this “Taking Surveys for Money Is a Waste of Time” post 🙂


Do you agree with it? Feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below!