Slice The Pie Review

Slice The Pie Review: Wasting Precious Time for a Tiny Slice…

The online world is so full of great "money making" opportunities and Slice The Pie is a very original alternative to online surveys.

If you love listening to music or watching commercials, then Slicethepie is a nice way to make some side cash while also having fun.

Is Slice The Pie legit though and do they really pay?

I have done my research and tested the website so that you don't have to and now I will reveal everything you need to know in this Slice The Pie review 🙂

Firstly though, let me tell you that sites like this will never pay you that much, so if you are trying to find a way to make a nice part-time or even full-time income online, then I advise you skip this review and head straight here --> How to Make Money Online Legitimately 🙂

Product Name: Slice The Pie

Price: $0

Best for: People who want to earn pocket money by having fun reviewing music tracks and commercials.

man in doubt

Summary: Slicethepie is a very original way of making money, so if you are looking at an easy going surveys alternative this could be for you. However, the earnings potential is really low and I recommend that your time is invested in more profitable ways of making money online.

Rating: 2.9/5

Recommended: NO


What is Slice The Pie?


Slice The Pie is a music, commercials and products review site that launched in 2007.


It originally started as a fun way to identify the best upcoming artists, but rapidly evolved into a review website to provide feedback to major US record labels, as well as many independent artists.

In 2015 additional review categories were added, including fashion, mobile phone accessories and others.


The Slicethepie team is based in Reading, UK and Connecticut, New York.


How much do you get paid on Slice The Pie?


Their website does not seem to have any clear information on how much you can earn.


I signed up and tested Slice The Pie to see how the payment works and here is what I have found:


Slicethepie product videos payment
Slice the pie music review payment


It seems that no matter what you try to review, the basic pay for a 1 star scout who selects a standard category is $0.01.


Picking a category marked as “bonus” however, will pay more and as you can see in my previous screenshot, on of these bonus reviews paid me $0.14.


How do you select a bonus category?


Go to the “Review” page and look out for “bonus” underneath any of the available categories, like so:


Slice the pie bonus


The more you write reviews, the higher your star rating will get and this will enable you to earn more.
However, once again I could not find precise information on pay levels anywhere on the internet.


Aside from reviews, you can also make money on Slice The Pie by referring people to join.


When someone signs up via your referral link, you get to receive 20% of all their review earnings for 60 days and 10% after that which again you have no way of calculating upfront how much that would be!


According to Slicethepie FAQs section though, you only earn money from your referal for up to 1 year…


How do I withdraw money from Slice The Pie?


Once you hit the $10 threshold, you can withdraw your earnings to a PayPal account.


Your PayPal email address needs to match the one used on your Slicethepie account.


All you will have to do is go to “My Account”, then click on “Balance” and follow the on-screen instructions.


PayPal payments take up to 5 working days to process and all reviews are read before you get paid.


Payments are usually made on Tuesdays and Fridays .


Is there a Slicethepie app?


Yes, there is an app both for Android phones and iOS.


The iOS version has been highly rated, however the Android one hasn’t.


If you are an Android user, I would advise that you stick to using your browser until the Android version of Slicethepie app has been improved.


slicethepie ios app store


Is Slice The Pie legit?


Slicethepie has been poorly rated on Trustpilot.


slicethepie ratings on trustpilot

However, the low score is mostly made of reviewers who have complained about low payment, which to me seems a bit of an unfair thing to do.


Slice The Pie are not very clear about how much they pay per review, however once you start using the site, it becomes pretty obvious, so anybody can immediately drop out without wasting too much time on the site.


I would have rather seen these reviewers say something about whether they had been paid or not. That would have been much more useful for any potential users to read.


Slicethepie do pay (I have not found a single complaint from people who have not been) and are a completely legit site. The big problem they have though is that the algorithms they use are not very sophisticated and have sometimes led people’s accounts to be shut down…


Slice the pie account shutdown complaint on trustpilotI


Is Slice The Pie worth it?


I personally don’t think it is worth signing up to Slicethepie.


The earning potential is really low and the website’s algorithm can make your experience very frustrating, with reviews being rejected for being seen as duplicate just because you have used a certain keyword several times.


If you want to use Slice The Pie for fun and earn some pocket money, go ahead.


However, I really hope you decide to invest your time into making a more profitable income online instead 🙂


A better way of making money online


Reviews and survey sites can be a nice and easy way to make some pocket money, but I just find them really frustrating.


I could not bear the thought of spending hours rating stuff or filling in forms to just earn a couple of dollars!


That time can be used more wisely and can be invested into a money making blog that could even lead you to earn a full-time income 🙂


Many people make money blogging these days and with the right training and tools you can definitely do it too!


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Have you tried using Slice The Pie? If so, what was your experience? Do you agree with this Slice The Pie Review?


Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂