How to promote affiliate products without a website in 2019

How to Promote Affiliate Products Without a Website in 2019

There are many ways to make money online, from setting up a drop-shipping online store to monetising your blog by using affiliate links.


Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online, as it does not require you to create your own product.


But do you want to know how to promote affiliate products without a website in 2019?


How to promote affiliate products without a website in 2019


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing allows you to promote someone else’s product online and get commission for each sale you make.


Commissions vary and may even be recurring, meaning that if you make a sale today, you will get money for it as long as the person who clicked on your affiliate link, continues to use the product they have bought!


Affiliate Marketing is a great way for product owners to sell their products to a wider audience.


Many affiliates have managed to go full-time by promoting other people’s products!


Where can I find affiliate products to promote?


The 2 most common ways of finding affiliate products to promote are:


1. Google Search based on a brand/niche


When looking for affiliate programs, Google is definitely your best friend!


There are so many opportunities out there. You just have to do your research and choose the right programs for you.


If you love pets, for example,  you might want to promote pets related products. Here is simply what you would need to look for:


pet affiliate product


As you can see, looking for “pet affiliate program“, gave me lots of options to choose from!


At this point, all you would need to do is going on one of those websites and join their affiliate program.


  2. Affiliate Networks


Affiliate Networks are another good way of finding niche specific products. They also give you the advantage of not having to create multiple accounts on different affiliate websites.


Here is a list of the most used affiliate networks out there:



Please note that some affiliate networks may require you to have a website with quality content on it, in order for you to join!


The power of YouTube


Do you not enjoy writing content? If so, then I recommend you create video content and upload it to YouTube.


When users search for something in Google, the search results will also return relevant YouTube videos for the keyword that they have searched for.


I would advise you either create product reviews/walk-through or concentrate on answering people’s questions, using “how to” kinds of titles.


how to youtube


You can add your affiliate link on the video description and as long as you provide value to your viewers, you will increase your chances of getting them to click on the link.


How can you provide value? It’s not a complicated concept. You just have to give genuine advice and show your viewers that you are creating your content to help them and not to make money out of it.


One thing I would really recommend you to do is for you to show your face when creating your YouTube videos. This will allow people to better connect with you.


When doing a video review, for example, you could do something like this:


Youtube screencastomatic


Users will be able to see the product, as well as seeing your face! This can be achieved by using tools like Screencastomatic.


Social Media


My favourite social media platforms are Facebook and Pinterest. I just find them easy to use for business purposes.


If you wish to use the above platforms too, then you can promote your affiliate links as follows:




Create a FB business page about a particular interest and post content on your page.


Make sure you provide value and not just spam people with random links.


When creating a post, write a few sentences that can get users to engage to your post, followed by your affiliate link.



Facebook affiliate link


Facebook does not like affiliate links, so make sure you “mask” them by cloaking your links, using websites like aCloaker.




Set up a Pinterest account and create beautiful images using Canva.


An eye-catching image can lead to a lot of clicks!


What Is Passive Income About and How Can You Generate It in 2019


All you need to do is to upload the image and add a relevant description, along with your affiliate URL.


Pinterest allows you to use affiliate links, which means you do not need to cloak them prior to using them!


Online forums and communities


Not many forums allow you to use affiliate links these days.


There are some however, where you can still use them. You have got to do it the right way, though!


Let’s take Quora, for example.


The first thing you should do is setting up your account and establishing yourself as a valuable user.


Respond to users’ question by concentrating on giving them value, rather than making money.


Answer questions relevant to your niche, so that you can include your affiliate link in the answer.


Make sure you do not spam other users or you will risk getting banned!




If you are into writing books, then writing an eBook could be a cost effective and long-term way of making money.


A good eBook won’t sell itself though without being promoted, so I recommend you use social media to let people know that your book exists!


Choose a topic and write an eBook about it. Then add affiliate links within the content, making sure that they are relevant and that they are only added when necessary.


You can sell your eBook on Amazon.




Hubpages is a user generated content, revenue-sharing website founded in 2006.


It is a great platform to use, if you wish to write some content without having to build your own website.


All you have to do is sign up and start writing about your passions!


Please note that your content can be removed at any time, since it is not like owning your own blog.


Conclusion: Is promoting affiliate products without a website an effective way to make money?


Despite there being many ways of making money without a website, I still recommend you build your own blog for the purpose of promoting affiliate links.


This way you will own all the content you write, have control on the traffic you get and you can also increase monetisation by adding PPC ads like Google Adsense.


Read this review to get started with building your own website and making money online: 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review – 5 examples of mind-blowing results


If you are still convinced you want to do affiliate marketing without setting up your own blog, then I recommend you watch the video below for additional information on how to promote affiliate products without a website:



Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly at [email protected] and I will be more than happy to help 🙂



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  1. I thought that to market products I needed to have awebsite but you have proved me wrong and you have really shown me ways to go about that and it has power and potential to make money online so very informative blog for people like me who  thought only with website is the only way to do affiliate marketing but know I know better.

  2. Is it really possible to promote affiliate products without a website?  What’s the advantage of promoting affiliate products without a website. It’s the very important every marketer have their website and with that you will have the foundation you are supposed to join there. If you don’t have website how then is your traffic evaluated

  3. Affiliate marketing is fast becoming one of the greatest point of interest in the world, hence, more competition. No matter how crowded it may be, there is always a piece of cake for everyone. This post is really helpful to starters, and they will be able to have an idea of what it is and how they can get started.Beyond writing and curating content, YouTube videos is also a great way to reach millions of people in the world.

  4. This is absolutely a great article.  For so many reasons I really dont know why you wouldn’t want a blog.  At least at that point you own your content.When you try and make money and promote through other programs you stand the chance of being banned and losing all your content and then you need to start the beginning again.All in all I would like to say thank you for providing us with such great information.  Im sure this will help so many people.Dale

  5. Good evening Christine,

    I have read your post with interest. I have 2 websites myself but it is always good to be informed about new ways to make money. The tip you give on YouTube videos is a good one. Showing your face makes it definitely more personal and authentic. I will probably create a video in the future.  I do have a business account with Pinterest and I like to greate pins. As people have become more visual I think Pinterest will be my best bet. I like writing so the idea of having an EBook is also something which could materialize in 2019.

    Regards, Taetske 

  6. This article is quite revealing and interesting. Affiliate marketing is no doubt the future of every business that wants to survive the Internet tsunami. Without owning a website, one can judiciously use the power of social media and  forums to advertise other peoples products and earns commission from sales.

     Affiliate marketing is making young and old entrepreneurs to sack their boses.That is financial freedom.

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