Opinion Outpost Canada Review

Opinion Outpost Canada Review: Is It Just a Massive Scam?

Online paid surveys have become a very popular way of making some extra pocket money.

Surveys can't make you rich, but some people find them useful to get by.

In this Opinion Outpost Canada Review, I am going to reveal whether this survey platform is legit or a scam and whether it is worth joining at all.

If you don't want to read the entire review, here is a short summary for youOpinion Outpost Canada is legit but their online ratings have been going downhill, with some people complaining that their accounts have been shut down for no reason.

Finding the right survey platform is extremely important as there are some online surveys out there such as Clout Bucks and Referral Pay that are simply scams and other surveys such as Opinion Outpost that don't have good reviews!

If you want to try a great survey platform, then I recommend you go with Survey Junkie instead as they continue to be highly rated by their users 🙂

Opinion Outpost is a platform that allows users to complete surveys for the purpose of helping companies improve their products and services.

It is free to join and it pays its members in cash rewards.

Opinion Outpost is available in the United States, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.

How do you join Opinion Outpost Canada?

Upon entering the URL opinionoutpost.ca in your browser, you will be presented with the below screen:

opinion outpost canada join page

Enter your details in the box located at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, accept both Opinion Outpost Canada's Terms & Conditions and data collection consent, then click on "Join Now".

You will be sent an activation email containing a link which you will have to click on in order to activate your account. Check your junk folder if you cannot see it.

At this point, you will be asked to give additional details about yourself, such as your home address, your employment status, annual income and so on.

Once these details are submitted, you will have to complete a further questionnaire which will allow Opinion Outpost Canada to start sending you relevant surveys.

How much can you earn?

Opinion Outpost Canada send you survey invites via email. You should be able to receive around 2 surveys per day, depending on whether your profile qualifies for them.

Typical surveys range from 5 to 30 points. Each point is worth 10 cents, therefore you could be earning between 50 cents to $3 per survey.

Opinion Outpost Canada also holds a sweepstake every quarter to give away a cash prize of $1,250.

What kind of rewards do you get?

You need at least 50 points in order to cash out, but this depends on the type of reward you choose.

The options are as follows:

  • Amazon and iTunes gift cards: 50 points ($5)
  • PayPal: 100 points ($10)

Opinion Outpost Canada reviews on other sites

Surveypolice currently shows Opinion Outpost to be rated as "average".

The most frequent type of comment you will see is from users who have been taking surveys on Opinion Outpost for years and that have seen the site go downhill.

Some users have also complained about having had their account frozen for no reason after years of activity!

Is Opinion Outpost Canada legit or a scam?

Opinion Outpost Canada is legit, however the online feedback has not been great over the past few years.

I personally recommend you try Survey Junkie instead as this survey platform has been rated as "excellent" on Trustpilot 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this "Opinion Outpost Canada Review".

Are you going to try this survey platform anyway? Let me know about your experience by leaving a comment below.