Notion Cash Review - Nothing but 100% Scam!

Notion Cash Review – Nothing but 100% Scam!

Have you ever heard the saying "Too Good to Be True"?

Well, I believe this applies to anything in life.

Nothing falls off the trees, especially money... Hence if you are looking to make money online, you need to be very careful about the programs you join.

Notion Cash was a very interesting one to come across as they are full of lies, yet do nothing to try to hide them.

They lie about their years in service, they show fake testimonials, they make exaggerated earning claims and more.

If you are thinking of joining Notion Cash, then please read this Notion Cash Review to gain an insight of what you might be getting into.

However, if you are serious about making money online and do not want to waste your time, I would advise you go straight to my How to Make Money Legitimately guide 🙂

Notion Cash Review Summary

Product Name: Notion Cash

Price: Free to Join

Best for: Nobody!

man in doubt

Summary:  Notion Cash is pure scam. Fake testimonials, exaggerated earning claims and they don't pay. Avoid at all cost!

Rating: 0/5

Recommended: NO!

What is Notion Cash?,, (and who knows how many other domains they own) is a company that promises users to pay good money for completing simple tasks.


Every time you take a task, you are re-directed to third party’s URLs, which is where you will be giving your data away without even knowing how this might be used.


You will typically be asked to enter your full name, email address, street address and phone number.


How could these companies use your data?


  • send you spam emails and text
  • steal money from your bank
  • open a new bank account using your name


and so on…


Notion Cash profit from “selling” your data to these third party companies


Furthermore, there are many claims from people who say that Notion Cash do not even pay you.


You accumulate money in your account, but Notion Cash never lets you cash it out!


How does Notion Cash work?


Money is earned from the moment you join Notion Cash and you are credited with $25.


After that, users will have to complete tasks that pay up to $50. These are easy tasks such as installing apps and running them for at least 30 seconds.


Users can also earn $15 for every person they refer to Notion Cash.


Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it is…


Let’s take a deeper look…


Lies, lies, lies!


Here is a list of some of the Notion Cash‘s lies I have come across:


#1 Inconsistent “Years in Business” claims


Here is what‘s home page says:

Notion cash years in business


When you go and check how old domain is, here is the result: domain age


The .net and .org domains are even younger: domain age


Let’s now take a look at their “Why and How” page:


Notion Cash why and how


And now for the Privacy Policy page…


Notion Cash privacy policy


Things definitely do not add up!


#2 Fake physical address


They seem to have removed this off their website now, but Notion Cash used to claim that their headquarters are located in:


420 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10170


I have Googled this and guess what?


Notion Cash virtual address


It is a virtual address…


You might think it is OK, as many small companies do that these days, especially if they work remotely.


Check this out… Their “Careers” page:


Notion Cash careers page


They are emphasising that they are one of the best places to work for in New York and that employees are rewarded with pizza… The latter sounds like the typical reward you get when you work in a physical office!


#3 Payment terms not clear before signing up do not state anything about minimum payment thresholds before signing up.


Once you have joined though and you go to their “Payments” page, here is what they say:


You need to complete a minimum of 4 tasks and invite at least 5 users in order to cash out.


Not a great move, but very convenient for them as they get to use your data for a while, before you quit for not being paid!


What about Notion Cash testimonials?


There are no positive testimonials out there, except for… Surprise, surprise… Those you see on


A quick look at Google, Bing and Yahoo search results and you will see that Notion Cash has been badly reviewed by many people.


On top of that, I want to show you something…


Earlier we saw that Notion Cash domains are very new and that they have not been in business for 3 years as they claim.


Look at this testimonial:


Notion cash testimonial


September 2018…


But that is not the best part…


This same testimonial was used for another site called testimonial


And another one called



Same date, same time, same earnings… I mean… Clearly this girl must be skilled…


There are many other testimonials which are the same as, but I will let you check them out yourself if you like, so you can have a laugh 😀


Is Notion Cash legit or a scam?


I have no doubt about this… Notion Cash is a scam.


A company that lies about their years in business and shows off fake testimonials can be nothing but bad news.


It won’t be long until they will take‘s domain down and create a different one to continue scamming people under a different company’s name.




So how does one earn money online for real?


Unfortunately there isn’t a “get-rich-quick” formula.


Anyone who claims that you can get rich overnight or you can make tons of money by completing easy tasks is lying to you.


I am sure there are some lucky people out there who have been able to gain success quickly, but this is not how it works most of the time.


Personally, I find Affiliate Marketing the best way to make money online.


You get to write about things you are passionate about and make money every time readers purchase something via your referral links.


The great thing is that you can get started for FREE.


All you need is a website (Anybody can build one these days) and the willingness to put some work into what you are trying to achieve.


If you want to know how this is done and get access to FREE training + FREE website, then head to –> How to Make Money Online Legitimately 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this Notion Cash Review.

Have you already been scammed by Notion Cash? I would love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below 🙂