11 MMA Affiliate Programs That Will Kick Butts

11 MMA Affiliate Programs That Will Kick Butts!


MMA (Mixed martial arts) is a combat sport that allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground. It utilises the best techniques from different martial arts, such as Boxing, Judo, Bjj, Muay Thai and more.


This type of combat sport has become very popular throughout the years and is practiced worldwide.


I have come across quite a few blogs about MMA and this is why I have decided to compile a list of “11 MMA Affiliate Programs That Will Kick Butts“, hoping that I can help these bloggers make some cash from various affiliate programs 🙂


MMA Affiliate Programs Summary (Scroll for Details)


  • MMA Overload
  • MMA Conditioning Association
  • Zoobgear
  • MMA Tycoon
  • Elite Sports
  • Martials Arts Mart
  • Powerhandz
  • The MMA Locker
  • Diamond MMA
  • RDXSports
  • Amazon


MMA Overload


URL: https://www.mmaoverload.com/pages/affiliate-program.html

Cookie Length: 30 day on EBay, 60 day on ShareASale

Commission: 7%

MMA Overload Affiliate Program


MMA Overload is an online e-commerce company that was founded in 2008. It offers a great range of Mixed Martial Arts products with competitive prices.


Their MMA Affiliate Program can be joined either via ShareASale or EBay Enterprise Affiliate Network and the cookie length will depend on whether you join via one or the other.


Their website has a high conversion rate and many products are updated on a weekly basis.


MMA Conditioning Association


URL: https://mixedmartialartsconditioningassociation.com/affiliate/

Cookie Length: 90 Days

Commission: 30% affiliate commission on the certification program and 30% on the monthly membership fees


MMA Conditioning Association


The MMA Conditioning Association is an online training program designed to help people become certified MMA Conditioning coaches. Training is done 100% online.


Their commission rate is quite good and they also have the highest cookie length in the MMA industry.


98% of their members have been using the program for a long time, meaning that you could be earning long-term income out of this MMA Affiliate Program.


They claim that their site has a very high conversion rate and that they have dedicated affiliate staff that can answer any of your questions about the program.




URL: https://www.zoobgear.com/pages/affiliate-program

Cookie Length: 21 Days

Commission: 10% – 15% of all sales


Zoobgear MMA Affiliate Program


Zoobgear is an online store that sells Boxing, MMA and Fitness equipment.


Their team includes MMA fighters, fitness enthusiasts and UFC lovers.


Their current average order is of $168 and the conversion rate is 1.82%.

offer 24/7 support to their affiliates, as well as special discounts to be shared with potential referrals.


MMA Tycoon


URL: https://www.mmatycoon.com/mmaaffiliateprogram.php

Cookie Length: N/A

Commision: 80% of all the VIP sign ups


MMA Tycoon


MMA Tycoon is a free online multiplayer Mixed Martial Arts game that is played through the browser, without the need of downloading the game.


It has more than 1000 players from all over the world.


When you sign up to the game (free), you automatically get a referral link. This will earn you 80% commission on all VIP sign ups.


Elite Sports


URL: https://www.elitesports.com/pages/affiliate-program

Cookie Length: 60 Days

Commission: 10% of all sales + $250 bonus for the top 3 affiliates


Elite Sports - MMA Affiliate Programs


Elite Sports is the world largest MMA Apparel and Training Gear seller. Their gear is used by MMA veterans.


Their team has 100 years of combined experience in the MMA industry.


They claim to offer lower prices compared to their competitors and that the average sale is $100, with a conversion rate of 3.5% and 75% returning customers.


Martial Arts Mart


URL: https://www.martialartsmart.com/affiliates LINK NO LONGER SEEMS TO WORK

Cookie Length: N/A

Commision: 10% of all sales


Martial Arts Mart


Martial Arts Mart is a major martial arts supplier, part of the TC Media Group. They are also the publishers of Kungfu Magazine.


It was established in 1983 and has been online since 1995.


Their warehouse is 30,000 square foot big and is located in Tennessee.


Martial Arts Mart has over 3,000 items and new products are added every month.




URL: https://powerhandz.com/affiliates/

Cookie Length: N/A


  • A 10% commission payout for beginning Affiliates
  • Up to a 20% commission payout for high performing Affiliates




Powerhandz is an online store that sells gear for different type of sports, including MMA.


Their affiliate commission rates vary, depending on whether you are a low or high performing affiliate.


They offer a 15% discount on purchases made for Affiliates to use in demos, as well as a 10% discount that you can use as a coupon to give to your potential referrals.


The MMA Locker


URL: https://www.themmalocker.com/index.php?route=affiliate/register

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: 5%


The MMA Locker


The MMA Locker is a UK based supplier of martial arts and fitness equipment.


Here are some of the brands they offer:

  • Fumetsu Combat Equipment
  • Tatami
  • PunchTown
  • GR1PS
  • Top Ten
  • Venum Fightwear
  • NVM


Diamond MMA


URL: https://www.diamondmma.com/pages/affiliate

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: Up to 50%


Diamond MMA


Diamond MMA is a sporting equipment company that has been founded with the aim to help people avoid groin injuries.


They provide high-end protective athletic cups and gear for athletes.


Diamond MMA offers great commissions and claims that their affiliate program is perfect for influencers, athletes, gym or shop owners, or anyone who wants to earn some extra cash.




URL: https://rdxsports.com/affiliateplus/

Cookie Length: N/A

Commission: 3% on punching bags, 10% on all other items




RDX Sports is a Manchester (UK) based company founded in 1999.


They provide an affordable range of products for Fitness, Boxing, MMA, BJJ, and Muay-Thai.


RDX has established itself as the leading British Combat Sports and Fitness brand in the UK and has a worldwide customer base of over 200 million.


They manufacture their own equipment, which allows them to price it at affordable rates.




URL: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ (Please note: URL will be different if you sign up to a different country’s store)

Cookie Length: 24 Hours

Commission: 4.50% for the Sports category


Amazon MMA products - MMA Affiliate Programs


Amazon sells a huge range of products and operates in many countries all over the world.


It has a big selection of MMA gear with different price ranges.


When signing up to Amazon affiliate program, you can take advantage of the feature called OneLink, which allows you to use one referral link only for multiple international store.


Watch the video at the bottom of the following article, to know more about Onelink –> Affiliate Marketing with Amazon: 5+ Simple Things That Will Help You Succeed!


I hope you enjoyed reading this “11 MMA Affiliate Programs That Will Kick Butts!” post. Is there any MMA Affiliate Program you think I have missed? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂