Is Referral Pay Legit? Old Scam Previously Called Viraldollars!

Is Referral Pay Legit?: Old Scam Previously Called Viraldollars!

Is Referral Pay Legit?

Can earning money online be as easy as makes it sound?

This company claims to pay $30 for each task you complete via their website.

But do people actually get paid once they are ready to cash out? Well, I am afraid I have some bad news for you further down this post...

Referral Pay is just another scam like Notion Cash, Clout Bucks, Viral Bucks and many other websites of this kind and I was glad to come across this company, so that I can expose their dirty lies to you!

They lie about their years in service, they show fake testimonials, they make exaggerated earning claims and more.

If you are thinking of joining Referral Pay, then please read this Is Referral Pay Legit?: Old Scam Previously Called Viraldollars! post to gain an insight of what you might be getting into.

However, if you are serious about making money online and do not want to waste your time, I would advise you go straight to my How to Make Money Legitimately guide instead 🙂

Referral Pay Review Summary

Product Name: Referral Pay

Price: Free to Join

Best for: Nobody!

man in doubt

Summary:  Referral Pay is pure scam. Fake testimonials, exaggerated earning claims and they don't pay. Avoid at all cost!

Rating: 0/5

Recommended: NO!


What is (Previously known as is a company that claims to have been founded in 2015 to help people turn their social media usage into money.


Referral Pay‘s website states that the company is based in Melbourne, Australia.


They also claim to have 225000 members and that they have paid them over $60 million.


Referral Pay states that a nice sum of $30 is added to their members’ accounts for every task they complete.


These are very simple tasks where users need to fill out short forms on third party sites and submit data such as name, address, email address.


Giving your data away to companies you don’t know can be risky.


How could these companies use your data?


  • send you spam emails and text
  • steal money from your bank
  • open a new bank account using your name


and so on…


According to you can also make money by doing any of the following:


  • Referring to other people ($5 for every friend who clicks your link and $10 for every friend that signs up)
  • Creating and submitting a YouTube video talking about Referral Pay, how much you have earned and why you like it ($50)
  • Claim rewards


How does work?


The sign up process is very simple: Enter your full name, username, email address, password and you are in.


Upon successful sign up, you are presented with a dashboard page, where you can choose to complete a task, submit a YouTube video, check your referrals status and more.


Referral Pay claims to pay you a high amount of money.


However, take a look at these negative Viral Dollars Trustpilot Reviews:


Referral Pay Viral Dollars review


And they have the same problem under their current name as shown in these Trustpilot Reviews:


Referralpay trustpilot reviews


These guys don’t actually pay!


Uncovering their lies


Here is a list of some of Referral Pay‘s lies I have come across:


#1 was not really founded when they say it was


Referral Pay‘s website states that the company was founded in 2015:


About referral pay


However, I went to check domain’s age and this shows that it was created in May 2019:


referral pay domain age

#2 Vague about their business address


Referral Pay claims to be based in Melbourne, Australia.


However, their full address is nowhere to be found, regardless of whether you look at their “Contact Us” page or their “Terms” page:

referralpay address


#3 Payment terms are not clear prior to sign up


Looking around their website, I could not find any minimum payment threshold or specific rules about being able to cash out your earnings.


However, once you sign up and click on “Cash Out”, this pop-up appears: cash out requirements


Very demanding requirements in my opinion. Just enough for them to use a good amount of your time, before you end up quitting for not getting paid!


What about testimonials?


I could not find any positive reviews about Referral Pay, except for, of course, their own testimonials page.


Guess what, though?


All the testimonials are fake and are in fact used in other websites such as:



The above websites are possibly all related to each other and run by the same people.


Here is an example of fake testimonial being used on different sites:


referral pay testimonial


Notion cash testimonial


Same person, same earnings, same day… What are the chances??? LOL


Is Referral Pay legit or a scam?


I have no doubts that Referral Pay is a scam.


They lie about many things and all the negative reviews I have come across come from people who complain about not getting paid.


Having already changed their name from Viral Dollar to Referral Pay, I am sure it won’t be long until they end up getting so many haters that they will need to change their name again…



Making money online with legitimate programs


Unfortunately there isn’t such a thing as getting rich quickly


This sort of companies that make exaggerated earning claims do so to fill you up with hope, so that you can then fall into their traps.


There are so many ways you can make money online in a sustainable and legitimate way though, so do not get discouraged 🙂


Affiliate Marketing is definitely my favourite!


You get to write about things you are passionate about and make money every time readers purchase something via your referral links.


The great thing is that you can get started for FREE.


All you need is a website (Anybody can build one these days) and the willingness to put some work into what you are trying to achieve.


If you want to know how this is done and get access to FREE training + FREE website, then head to –> How to Make Money Online Legitimately


I hope you enjoyed reading this Referral Pay Review.


Have you already been scammed by


Is Referral Pay legit in your opinion?


I would love to hear your feedback! Leave a comment below 🙂