Is Mobrog UK Legit or Is It Just Another Dirty Scam_

Is Mobrog UK Legit or Is It Just Another Dirty Scam?

There are so many online surveys opportunities around and knowing which one is legit and which one isn't can be very tricky.

For instance, I have previously exposed a few scammy survey companies such as:

So is Mobrog UK legit or is it just another dirty scam?

Mobrog is not a scam and we will see why further down in this post, however it is not the best way to make money online.

In fact, surveys in general are not the best "make money online" solution, especially if your aim is to eventually quit your job 🙂

If you wish you can skip straight to my #1 recommended way to make money online.

Otherwise, please stick with this post if you still want to know more about Mobrog UK 🙂

Mobrog UK Review Summary

Product Name: Mobrog

Price: £0

Best for: People who just want to make a few pennies by filling in questionnaires.

man in doubt

Summary: Mobrog UK is not a scam and has scored brilliantly on Trustpilot. However, like with all surveys earning potentials are really low, despite the amount of time and effort spent filling out questionnaires.

Rating: 3.8/5

Recommended: It depends!

What is Mobrog surveys?


Mobrog is a survey platform provided by Splendid Research GmbH that pays between £0.50 to £3.00 per survey.


Splendid Research are based in Germany, however they conduct surveys worldwide both on the Internet and via their smartphone survey app.


For payment purposes Mobrog have partnered with both PayPal and Skrill Ltd.


How do I register with Mobrog?


Go to and click on “sign up”.


You will be taken to the page below:


mobrog sign up


Fill in all the mandatory details and submit the form.


You will then receive an email asking you to confirm registration.


Once confirmed, you will be redirected to your profile where your first survey will await.


This is the initial questionnaire that will help Mobrog UK find the right surveys for you.


Complete your profile and get ready to receive emails with surveys invitations.


How can you earn money in Mobrog?


There are two ways you can make money online with Mobrog UK:


  • Completing surveys that are sent to you via email
  • Refer a friend to Mobrog


Mobrog UK claim to pay £0.50 to £3.00 per survey.


Recommending Mobrog to a friend will allow you to earn £0.65 per referral, however this will only be credited to your account once your friend has successfully completed three surveys.


When redeeming your balance, you can do so with any of the following:


  • EcoMatcher – Use your credits to take over the sponsorship for a tree
  • PayPal – Get a maximum of 2 payouts per day. You must have the same email address in PayPal as your Mobrog UK profile
  • Skrill – Same as PayPal, both in terms of payment and email address rule


Unfortunately, the website does not disclose what the minimum payout is.


Does Mobrog really pay?


Mobrog scored 4.5/5 stars on Trustpilot, giving it an overall “Excellent” rating.
One of the things many people praise about Mobrog UK is the fact that they always pay:


Mobrog legit pay

Does mobrog pay? Trustpilot proof


So you can rest assured that if you decide to give Mobrog UK (or any other international versions of the site) a go, you will definitely get paid.


Is Mobrog UK a scam?


Mobrog is not a scam, in fact aside from all the great reviews they have on Trustpilot, they always seem to respond and give support to all of those people who leave negative reviews:


Mobrog negative review #1

mobrog negative review #2


Most negative reviews are about people being disqualified after completing a survey or not receiving enough surveys n the first place.


In terms of being disqualified, I do agree that it can be very frustrating. In fact, I am personally not a fan of surveys and I don’t think anybody should rely on them to make a side/full-time income.


The fact that users do not receive enough surveys to complete, that is just the nature of how surveys generally work.


You only get sent questionnaires that match your profile.


Don’t forget that the purpose of online surveys is to provide feedback to companies that want to use this data to improve their products and services.


So it would make no sense to provide these companies with data belonging to potential consumers that do not fit the criteria!


A better way to make money online


There are many ways you can make money online but my #1 favourite is Affiliate Marketing.


This is where you promote someone else’s product and get commission for every item/service purchased via your affiliate link.


Here is how it usually works:


  1. You start your own blog by choosing a particular interest
  2. You do your research and write articles and reviews related to the interest you have picked
  3. People read your articles and click on the link of a product you thoroughly recommend
  4. Reader purchases the product –> You make a commission


The great thing is that you can do Affiliate Marketing without any upfront investment, in fact you can start for FREE.


Eventually what you have started as a hobby could turn into your full-time job where you can work from home and be your own boss 🙂


This obviously takes time and effort, as well as the right training but if you were willing to spend a lot of time filling in surveys questionnaires, then you will definitely be a great fit for Affiliate Marketing!


Here is where I have learned Affiliate Marketing –> Wealthy Affiliate Review


You can try the course for FREE and receive 2 free websites too.


This will allow you to understand if Affiliate Marketing is the right path for you 🙂


I hope you have enjoyed reading my “Is Mobrog UK Legit or Is It Just Another Dirty Scam?” post 🙂


Have you tried Mobrog UK or any other Mobrog site? If so, tell me about your experience by leaving a comment below.