Is Matched Betting a Scam? My £0 to £142 in 7 days journey

Is Matched Betting a Scam? My £0 to £142 in 7 Days Journey

A recent study has revealed that 40% of UK workers have a side hustle to help them cover the additional expenses they would otherwise struggle to deal with if they only relied on their full-time job.

The are so many opportunities out there, from the traditional part-time job, to paid online surveys, starting a blog for money and so on.

I have recently come across something new to me called Matched Betting and it honestly blew my mind!

Many people claim that Matched Betting can help you make £500+ a month, but is this actually achievable or is Matched betting a scam altogether?

I have tried Matched Betting myself and I have already made around £142 in 7 days. Let me tell you more about it 🙂

Matched Betting is a risk-free and tax-free betting technique that guarantees profit for every bet you place.

Individuals make profit using the free bets offered by bookmakers such as Ladbrokes, Coral, Betvictor and so on.

This technique needs to be properly explained for it to make sense, so I thought it would be useful to show you a video rather than writing long paragraphs explaining how Matched Betting works.

The guy in the video below did a great job at illustrating what Matched Betting is.


Please make sure you watch the entire video to understand why anybody should take advantage of this fantastic opportunity 🙂 

How I came across Matched Betting

I often try to look for new "make money" opportunities to review, so that I can help my readers find an opportunity that actually works.

In the past, I have reviewed paid online surveys and MLMs, so I thought it was time to find something different.

I simply googled "Ways to make money online" and I came across an article talking about Matched Betting. I was in shock!

I had finally found a way for people to make money online without risking anything.

I read a couple of articles and the Matched Betting process immediately clicked in my head. I had to try it out!

How much money did I start Matched Betting with?

I started out with £105 out of my own pocket. It may sound like a lot, but this is just money that you use to first get your Matched Betting business going. You do not actually lose the money!

I could have started with just £10, but that means that the process would have been much slower and that the profit would have been lower.

I decided to trust the process and go ahead with £105. I am glad I did!

The Matched Betting platform I personally use

There are many Matched Bettors out there who do everything on their own. They look for bookmakers offers, work out how much they need to bet, what to bet on, what the odds are and so on.

I personally chose to go with a platform that does all the hard work for me.

I have tried a couple of different platforms and eventually decided to stick to OddsMonkey.

oddsmonkey website

OddsMonkey provide Matched Bettors with training, tools and offers to maximise their profit.

On average, people using OddsMonkey make between £500 to £1000 per month, but there are users who make £2000+ per month.

This is all tax free money by the way!

£0 to £142 in 7 days

As I said I have started off with £105 out of my pocket, but I now have £247 in my account. I have made £142 profit, without losing my £105 🙂

Here is a screenshot from my OddsMonkey dashboard:

oddsmonkey dashboard and profit

You will see that it shows a lower total profit than what I stated above.


This is because during my first couple of days, I was trying out different platforms at the same time to see which one was best for me.


I also did not track a couple of my Matched Betting activities... Oops!

So how did I make £142 in 7 days?

Well, I simply signed up to OddsMonkey free trial, followed their initial training and then signed up to Premium to carry on making more money. 

Investing £17.99/month for the premium membership was a no-brainer, considering that I can make hundreds a month thanks to Oddsmonkey!

My Matched Betting earnings prediction by end of month one

I have to say that I have been taking Matched Betting easily. I am not rushing anything and I am just doing it when I have time.

However, if I maintain this kind of pace, I should be at £600+ by end of month one.

I shall keep you all posted 🙂

Conclusion - Is Matched Betting a scam?

Matched Betting is not a scam at all. It is a great opportunity for UK residents to make quite a lot of money every month, without risking to lose money.

Furthermore, it is the best method I have seen so far to make money fast.

Sign up to OddsMonkey for FREE and earn up to £56 during your FREE trial 🙂

Have you already tried Matched Betting? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂