Is iMarketsLive worth it

Is iMarketsLive Worth It? – Here Is Why I Would Not Join!

In the past few years, Forex trading and Cryptocurrency have become a very popular way of making money.


However, it is very important to know what you are doing or you might end up losing a lot of money.


This is why companies such as iMarketsLive have stepped in, offering education in Forex and Cryptocurrency.


Are their software and training worth using though? Is iMarketsLive worth it?


Let's find out...


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What is iMarketsLive?


iMarketsLive (International Markets Live) is a company that provides training and software for people who want to start Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.


It is available in 120+ countries and has 1+ million unique users per month.


iMarketsLive CEO, Christopher Terry has 20+ years experience in the field.


The company claims that both their training and software can help you make money trading. However, you can also make money with iMarketsLive by promoting their products to other people and earn commission from every sales made.


How much does iMarketsLive cost?


There are two ways you can sign up to iMarketsLive:


  1. As an IBO
  2. As a customer


The IBO option is very straight-forward, as there is only one option for it:

imarketslive ibo - is imarketslive worth it

Signing up as an IBO will allow you to promote iMarketsLive and earn commission from it.


The IBO plan shows that "Access to Training and Tools" are included but does not specify which tools.


Here are the prices for the iMarketsLive customer program:

imarketslive customer pack
imarketslive customer pack second part
imarketslive monthly plan
imarketslive monthly plan part two - is imarketslive worth it

What products and services do they provide?


Here are the services and products provided by iMarketsLive:


  • IML Academy - This is a course that contains 100+ videos on Forex and Cryptocurrency market education. It contains beginner, intermediate and advanced modules that are broken down into step-by-step training.
  • IML TV - These are live training sessions, currently available in 8 languages. IML TV provides nearly 1000 hours of live education and analysis.
  • Harmonic Scanner - This helps users identify patterns in the FOREX markets and therefore find the best trading opportunities.
  • Web Analyzer - Scans the market for potential Forex and Cryptocurrency.
  • Swipe Trades - This is a mobile app that helps users receive important Forex trade info and ideas.
  • Swipe Coin - Similar to Swipe Trades but for Cryptocurrency!
  • Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions - Receive Forex and Cryptocurrency education from CEO Christopher Terry.


imarketslive products and services - is imarketslive worth it?

iMarketsLive compensation plan


The compensation plan is not very straightforward but it is very well explained in the video below:


Can you make money with iMarketslive?

As far as I can see, the best and least risky way to make money with iMarketslive is by promoting it to other people.

You will get paid for every person that joins the program via your referral link.

However, this kind of way of making money (Affiliate Marketing) requires knowledge as well as the right techniques.

Anybody can learn Affiliate Marketing, as long as you go with the right training.

I thoroughly recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate for that.


Is iMarketsLive (IML) worth it?


I could not find many reviews online, other than individual blogs reviews.


However, here is a screenshot taken from TrustPilot:

imarketslive reviews trustpilot


Many people complain that those who invest in iMarketsLive actually make money by getting others to sign up, rather than making money with Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.


I personally think that one should not have to risk $200/month in order for them to start making money online.


There are ways one can start an online business for free or at a lower cost.


Forex and Cryptocurrency can be very lucrative but you can also risk losing lots of money!


iMarketsLive presents Forex trading and Cryptocurrency as something that anybody can do, when it is actually not that simple!

Is there a better way to make money online?


There are many ways to make money online, but my favourite one is Affiliate Marketing.


This is when you promote someone else's product using a special link and every sale made will generate you a commission.


Commissions vary, depending on the product you are promoting and some programs can even make you earn thousands in one sale!


How can one start Affiliate Marketing and how much does it cost?


Well, the first thing you should do is to decide on a niche. You do not want to concentrate on too many topics at the same time.


Say you decide to go with "Pets", then all you would do in order to find pets related affiliate programs is type in Google something like "pets + affiliate".


You would then join the programs you are interested in (it is usually free) and start promoting these products, either without a website, for example via YouTube or by building a FREE website at Wealthy Affiliate.


This is a great way to make money with no risk nor upfront investment!

wealthy affiliate 2019

I hope you enjoyed reading through this article "Is iMarketsLive worth it? 🙂

Are you going to try iMarketsLive anyway? If so, let me know about your experience in the comments section below!





11 thoughts on “Is iMarketsLive Worth It? – Here Is Why I Would Not Join!”

  1. Hello,

    I know forex trading can be tricky and quite not easy to win but some online services could help and I’ve heard about the iMarketlive (International Markets Live) is a company that provides training and software for people who want to start Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. And based on various reviews including yours I don’t think I can risk their services.

  2. Hi Cristina,

    Thanks so much for this review of IMarketsLive. I really enjoyed reading it and learned a lot. I was considering starting to use IMarketsLive before reading this review, but you convinced me not to do so after all. 

    Instead, I will check out your other recommendation as it looks very promising.

    Keep up the great work.

  3. I won’t join iMarketsLive either. I used to be fascinated with Forex and Cryptocurrency trading. I even invested big amounts of money funding my accounts in these games until I realized I should not. Although others will argue that there’s nothing wrong in money games like this, to me as a God-fearing person, I will no longer involve myself in online business opportunities that are considered as “zero sum game”. There’s no value being produced in a zero-sum game, only the money is being transferred from one person (the loser) to the other person (the gainer). There’s no value like products or services being produced, only money is being transferred from one person to another like it’s a form of gambling. It’s not a “win-win” scenario but rather a “win-lose” scenario.

  4. Hi Cristina,

    You’ve done a great job with the review telling us if iMarketLive is Worth it. I must say, it was an unbiased review. I have a few friends who have crossed paths with the iMarketLive program. A few of them paid the starter fees,re-subacribed for a few months before finally realised that it was more of a Multi Level Marketing Scheme than a way to make money from trading Forex and Cryptocurrency. And the truth is as you said, that it isn’t as easy as they say to make money trading those markets and one can get really burnt doing that. Wealthy Affiliate is a better place for anyone who wants to learn and be able to make money onl

  5. Thanks for writing this review on imarketslive,Although this is my first time of reading about imarketslive and all it entails.reading from this  article imarketslive is not a scam in anyway but the fact remains that forex and cryptocurrency is a very high risk investment and the chance of losing all your money is higher than gaining any money from the market.iMarketsLive offers education in Forex and Cryptocurrency but applying all the imarketlive education in your trading don’t guarantee profitable trading in anyway and also it expensive, i can never encourage newbie online to be part of this imarketlive because forex and cryptocurrency easiest way to lose money online if you don’t know the way the market works. I like your recommendation on wealthy affiliate program, it really the best way to start making money a member wealthy affiliate and ever since I join the platform it has been great learning and also making money online

  6. Hello, Cristina!

    Like everyone on the web, I’m interested in ways to make some extra income. The truth is that I tried the forex trading a few times, but I had no success. 

    Probably this is due to my lack of experience. That’s why I started to look for ways to learn how to trade rightly!  I am a big fan of the cryptocurrency too. And I think that there is the future!

     What I liked in iMarketsLive is that we can learn to trade with both types of assets. From the little experience that I have, I know: the way of trading is different. 

    The good thing is that they have managed to provide appropriate training for both types of trading. I definitely liked your offer. 

    Thanks for the info! 

    Best Regards!

  7. This will be first time am hearing of iMarketsLive, going through your post  have learnt so many things  from your post. The most amazing part of it,is that I can either register as a  customer  or IBO ( promoter) . I  will go for the IBO because i have s  crypto blog and promoting iMarketsLive on my blog should yield out positive. 

    You made mention of them not having enough review out there ,I feel is because they lack exposure , they should work more on their marketing strategy.

  8. Forex trading has been a major interest in my life and I have even registered with a few forex trading companies, but I have not really gotten a good understanding of how it really works. 

    So, I guess that this iMarketsLive will serve to give me the foundation I need to make it in the forex trading world. I want to diversify my income, I think that this is my best bet. 

  9. Hi Cristina,

    Cryptocurrency market at the moment is very volatile, one must be very careful if not he is going to lose alot of money. When a particular platform comes out promising to educate people on how to make money from firecyand cryptocurrency, there are several proofs whereby such platform such provide in order to convince would-be user. Maybe that’s why Imarketlive can’t help users on the platform make money except on referrals system. That’s why I’ll still prefer wealthy affiliate 

  10. Hello Cristina,

    A very informative review on iMarketsLive. I love reading reviews about the topic which is unfamiliar to me. iMarketsLive is a very expensive platform to start with. WA is best and safest for many people. Your article has rich content unexplained it very nicely. I have gained much information from this. Thanks a lot for writing such a valuable article. 


  11. I have read your article attentively and it is all about iMarketsLive. I really liked your article and I appreciate your writing. I had literally no idea about what they produce. They are providing nice products and services. The most I liked about their service is IML TV. In number, it is about 8 languages and this is really cool that I can learn these languages at a time. I am not going to sign up in iMarketsLive as an IBO but I would like to sign up there as a customer. It would be a great opportunity for me.
    Overall, thank you so much. Have a great day!
    Tushar 🙂

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