Is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme

Is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme? Read This to Find Out!

Nowadays, we should be careful whenever we browse the internet through our phones or computers. It is best to only visit the websites you trust to avoid being phished or scammed.

This is why it is advisable to invest in software that will protect you as you browse the internet, like antivirus programs and a VPN service. These programs would add a layer of security to your personal information.

As scams continue to proliferate the internet, one of the scams that stands out the most are pyramid schemes. Pyramid schemes are illegal. Do not invest in one.

Today we will be looking at a company called Evolution Travel. Is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme? Find out in this review.

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Evolution Travel is a multi-level marketing company founded by David McCovy. They are currently partnered with Archer Travel Group.

Evolution Travel is a company that offers the following:

  • travel services
  • tour services
  • sports event tickets
  • concert tickets
  • event tickets

The company is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

How to become an Evolution Travel consultant

To become an Evolution Travel consultant, go to this link and click Sign Up.

These are the steps you need to follow to ensure a smoother application process:

  1. Select your country.
  2. Select an Agent Training Package.
  3. Provide your sponsor's ID. Make sure that you got it right by checking if their name comes up as a match.
  4. Provide your personal details.
  5. Enter a unique name for your personal website.
  6. Create a password. Make sure you remember it.
  7. Read and agree to the Independent Contractor Agreement with Archer Travel Service, Inc.
  8. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Agree to receive a 10-day money back guarantee.
  10. Congratulations, you are on your way to becoming an Evolution Travel consultant.

Evolution Travel Training Packages

Evolution Travel has only one Agent Training Package available.

The IBO Package costs $49.00 (normally $299), along with a monthly administration fee of $69.95. The package comes with the following:

  • Full access to team building
  • Customizable travel website
  • Direct access to vendors worldwide
  • Travel training - Industry leading travel training and support from a company with over 60 years experience
  • Discount directory - 20% - 60% off movie tickets and concessions, dining, dry cleaning, and more

What are Evolution Travel consultant levels?

There are 14 total ranks in Evolution Travel. Each rank requires the member to reach a certain sales quota.

  1. Consultant
  2. Executive Consultant
  3. Bronze Consultant
  4. Silver Consultant
  5. Gold Consultant
  6. Platinum Consultant
  7. 1 Star Platinum
  8. 2 Star Platinum
  9. 3 Star Platinum
  10. 4 Star Platinum
  11. 5 Star Platinum
  12. 6 Star Platinum
  13. 7 Star Platinum
  14. 8 Star Platinum

Evolution Travel Compensation Plan

Evolution Travel's compensation plan can be accessed and viewed through this link.

These are the ways to make money with Evolution Travel.

  1. Travel Commissions. These are paid to consultants based on all commissionable travel booked.
  2. Residual Commissions. This is based on the business volume revenue sharing.
  3. Leadership Bonuses. This is paid monthly when you reach the Gold and Platinum ranks.
  4. Direct Sales Commissions. These are earned on all personal direct sales.
  5. Leadership Commission Override Percentages. This is earned once you reach the ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

I found a video on YouTube that could explain the compensation plan better. You can watch it below.

Evolution Travel Pros and Cons


  • Affiliated with a legit travel company
  • Money back guarantee
  • High demand for travel services


  • No income disclosure
  • High monthly rate
  • Downline dependency

Do Evolution Travel consultants make money?

I think we could all agree that it is a big red flag when a company does not publish their Income Disclosure Statement. That is the case with Evolution Travel.

I have looked in different sites and blogs and I could not seem to find a copy of one. I saw some people in web forums looking for it as well.

Since we do not have any data showing us how much a consultant can potentially earn, we have no way to know if Evolution Travel consultants make money or not.

I believe that there are better ways to make money online than joining MLM companies such as Evolution Travel and ACN.

I do not suggest trusting comments or posts from social media as proof that you can earn money in an MLM. The data never lies, so it is always good to have that information public, for the sake of those thinking of joining MLMs. Not publishing them just makes the company look shady.

However, we could all agree that joining MLMs come with pros and cons. It is always good to get the proper training from your team leader to boost your sales. As long as you use the correct marketing strategies and have a good team supporting you, you can find success in this venture.

Evolution Travel reviews

Evolution Travel has its own fair share of negative reviews.

This post was from a Reddit user who encountered an Evolution Travel consultant in their buy, swap, and sell Facebook group. They reported a predatory post from the consultant advertising their MLM and had it successfully removed by the group's admins.

This Reddit user immediately declined an offer from their mother-in-law who is an Evolution Travel consultant, stating that they do not need to seek the services of an MLM since they already know how to book their travel plans. The mother-in-law kept insisting that they are the ones who travel a lot so they need the service, which ended up starting a conversation loop.

Negative reviews do not mean that a company is not legit. We should take note of both the positive and negative reviews before signing up for an MLM.

Is Evolution Travel legit?

Yes, Evolution Travel is a legit company.

However, MLMs always get negative reviews for the following reasons:

  • Team leaders prioritize recruiting more than training their members
  • Members, who do not get proper training, end up having difficulty in selling and marketing their products

Joining an MLM always comes with a risk, but if you are with the right team, you would be able to pull through. Having a team that would train and support you is one of the best ways to succeed.

I believe that as long as you apply the right strategies and you have the proper support from your team, you can make this opportunity work.

Is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme?

First of all, let's look at what a Pyramid Scheme is:

"A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products." Wikipedia


As Evolution Travel consultants make money both by recruiting other team members AND by selling products to customers, it is safe to say that Evolution Travel is not a Pyramid Scheme!

How to succeed with Evolution Travel and any other online business

MLMs tend to get a bad reputation because of their predatory practices, which end up with their members losing a lot of money.

This is because of leaders who insist on recruiting new members instead of properly training the already existing ones. This makes the members unaware of how to properly operate their business.

Here is the thing... You cannot forcibly recruit people into your MLM. That is just a recipe for embarrassment.

You need to find a way to reach your target market, as they are the ones genuinely interested with the products you are selling. Their purchases will be the ones that will keep your business thriving.

There are two popular ways to do this:

  1. Set up paid adverts that target a specific audience within your niche
  2. Find a way to generate free organic traffic that can be turned into sales

The first option is very expensive and if you are just starting out, then I recommend you scrap that for now.

The second one is completely doable and inexpensive, in fact, you can even get the right tools and information for FREE.

In this FREE Make Money Online Course, you can learn a number of things that can help you succeed with Evolution Travel and any other similar businesses.

By the end of the course, you will have the following knowledge:

  • How to choose your niche or better leverage your existing one
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I hope you enjoyed reading my "Is Evolution Travel a Pyramid Scheme?" review!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below 🙂