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InboxPounds Review – My Best Advice to Earn $1000+/Month!

InboxPounds Review Summary

Product Name:  InboxPounds

Price: Free to Join

Best for: People who are happy to waste hours to just earn a few pennies!

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Summary: Although the platform is legit, it does not pay a lot. Sometimes you will waste 30 minutes to only make £0.20. It took a whole year for a Trustpilot reviewer to make £200!

Rating: 1.3/5

Recommended: NO!

Who wouldn't want to make money while comfortably sitting at home?

Well, surveys platforms such as InboxPounds, Swagbucks, ClixSense and so on, seem to be a very popular way to earn some extra cash.

However, this is certainly not the best way to make a sustainable online income!

In this InboxPounds review, I want to show you why this platform is not worth joining and what you should do instead, in order to invest your time wisely and make $1000+/month.

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What is InboxPounds?


InboxDollars was founded in 2000 and it is the company behind InboxPounds which was launched in 2012.


The company provides direct cash rewards to millions of users to perform activities such as reading emails, taking surveys, playing games and signing up for offers.


They have paid over £40million to members worldwide.


How do you join InboxPounds?


The sign up process is very easy.


All you have to do is go to and enter your email address and password to create a new account.


You will then be automatically taken to the platform’s home page, where you will decide what to do next.


Remember to check your inbox to fully activate your account!


Inbox Pounds Sign up page - InboxPounds review


Ways to make money with InboxPounds


There are 7 different ways to make money with InboxPounds:


  1. Cash Offers – Earn cash by trying new products and services.
  2. Surveys – Answer a few questions by giving your honest opinion and earn some money.
  3. Easy Cash – Join a third party program and stay active for a certain period of time to earn cash.
  4. Search – Make money by performing a web search.
  5. Refer Friends – Invite a friend to join InboxPounds and earn 10% of their Qualified Earnings.
  6. Games – Play games to earn cash.
  7. Paid Emails – InboxPounds will send you up to 3 paid emails a day. When you open these emails and click on the “confirm” button, you get paid for reading them.


Inbox Pounds paid emails


Can you make good money with InboxPounds?


Not really… And here is why:


Cash Offers

Every time you want to earn cash this way, you need to take up on an offer from a third party site. This means giving your personal details away, so you might want to be picky with cash offers and only select the ones you are really interested in!



The best paid survey I was presented with, was one that paid £0.50 and took 4 minutes to complete.


If you were to do 1 hour worth of that type of survey, it would make you £7.50… Pretty good!


The problem is that out of the surveys I got given, only 2 would have paid me that amount of money. All the others were ridiculous!


See below… The last one would have taken me 22 minutes to complete and would have only paid me £0.25!


Inbox Pounds surveys


Easy Cash

Another one where you have to take up third party offers and give your privacy away, just to get between £1 to £5 per offer. The only high paying one was a £40 offer, which involved opening up an ISA account and deposit in it for 3 months!



It is a very simple task to do, but all you get for it is just a few pence. In fact, you can only earn up to £0.07 through cash search each day.


Refer Friends

When you look at all the earning potentials above and realise how low they are, you can pretty much tell that referring a friend is not worth at all, as you only get a 10% commission!


Games and Paid Emails

I could not find any information on how much you can earn, but I expect it to be the same sort of pay as all the other options above.


InboxPounds payment


InboxPounds does not automatically send you the money. You have to request the payment, but you can only do so once you have reached £20.


You can get paid via cheque, prepaid MasterCard or gift cards. It is a shame that InboxPounds does not support PayPal!


New members get paid every 2 weeks, however once they receive their first payment, they automatically become gold members and get paid on Wednesday every week.


InboxPounds reviews


InboxPounds have a Trustpilot rating of 7.3/10.


There are quite a few complaints, for example:


Inboxpounds complaint 1

Inbox Pounds complaint 2


There are some good reviews too, but look at the one below…. This person had to do surveys for one whole year, in order to earn £200! A waste of time, if you ask me…


inbox pounds review


InboxPounds alternatives


I believe a better alternative to InboxPounds is OhMyDosh!, but mainly because they give you £5 for each person you refer to them.


However, if you don’t know how to generate tons of referrals, then it will still be hard to make money.


The great news is that you can learn the right skills by taking up this affiliate marketing training. It is FREE to start and you get to access 20 interactive lessons, as well as 2 websites that you can build for free (no coding skills required)!


InboxPounds review conclusion: Is it worth spending time on?


I honestly believe that InboxPounds is not worth spending time on, as you literally earn peanuts!


There are so many ways you can make good money online, including:


  1. Writing and selling eBooks
  2. Blogging
  3. Dropshipping


Making $1000+/month online


Completing long surveys can be boring and it will never allow you to earn a sustainable income.


But did you know that you can actually make money online by talking about things you are passionate about?


Setting up a blog and talking about your passions is not as hard as it sounds. All you need is time and dedication and I can assure you that with the amount of time you would be wasting in completing surveys, you could make a full time income generated by your blog instead!


The good news is that you can learn the basic skills for FREE!


Take your next step to financial freedom –> Make $1000+/month legitimately


Here is what you will get:


  1. Twenty interactive lessons
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  3. My one-to-one coaching


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I hope you enjoyed reading this InboxPounds review 🙂


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