How to become a writer without a degree

How to Become a Writer Without a Degree

It’s possible to become a writer without having a degree or any formal training in the field. Whether you’re looking for full-time employment or just want to enhance your writing skills, there are many ways to break into this industry. This article will explore what you’ll need to do, and where you should turn for information on how to become a writer without a degree!


Do I need a degree to be a writer?


I’m a blogger and successful writer, yet I don’t have any formal training. In fact, I have learned how to write through years of practising and perfecting my skills. My lack of education hasn’t stopped me from achieving my goals, and you shouldn’t let it stop you either! All that matters is how well you can tell a story and how much drive you have inside to get the job done.


Can I get a degree in writing?


Many writers studied literature or creative writing at university – JK Rowling is one example. However, there are also plenty of authors who never attended university, such as Stephen King. At the end of the day, what really counts is how well your work stands out from the crowd. If you’re committed to the craft, there are many ways to develop your skills without taking months or years out of your life to study.


How can I get started?


There are several options for how you choose to start off your career as a writer. Here are some tips based on how much time and money you want to invest in becoming an author:


  • Invest in books – The best way to perfect your writing style is by reading novels that inspire you. There’s no better way than taking out a notepad or opening up Microsoft Word while enjoying the latest work from your favourite authors! 
  • Read how-to books – If you want to write in a particular genre, it helps to know how you should do it. There are plenty of how-to books with tips on becoming a successful writer. There’s something for everyone, from romance novels that will have you reaching for the tissues to sci-fi stories that stretch your imagination!
  • Take writing courses – If you’re looking for guidance from professionals who’ve been in the business for years, local colleges often offer classes on how to improve your writing skills. You can also find online courses through websites like Udemy.
  • Write articles or blog posts – Writing articles is not only an easy way to get started. Still, it is also handy as a portfolio piece. By displaying how you write, how often, and how much you know about certain subjects, potential employers can decide how well you would fit the job. As well as this, writing articles for your own blog or website is a fantastic way to develop your skills further and create a name for yourself!
  • Network with other writers – The best way to improve your writing is by talking to like-minded people who share similar interests. If you’re lucky enough to meet successful authors at conventions or through friends and family, try asking them how they got their break into the industry. There’s no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to improving your knowledge of how the business works! It might also help if you read this post about how to network with other bloggers & how networking can save you money.
  • Find a job in publishing – If you value a more hands-on approach, it might be worth considering how working as a copywriter or editor could help your writing. By being surrounded by others who have the same passion as you do for books and literature, your style will develop much faster than if you were working alone. In addition, these jobs provide great experiences that look great on your CV!


How can I get paid to write without a degree?


There are lots of opportunities for making money as a writer, with some great websites like Textbroker and Upwork offering fantastic rates that will be sure to spark your interest. If you want to become a freelance author or you’re looking for an internship, check out the many jobs available on these sites before applying!


  • Freelance – A common way how writers make money is by working for themselves. With thousands of businesses hungry for content, there’s no such thing as having nothing to write about!
  • Blog – Getting paid to write blog posts isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Some websites offer exceptional rates for writing posts on behalf of their customers. 
  • Write magazine articles – Writing magazine articles is another way how writers make money. If you’re confident with your writing skills, it might be worth looking up how much publishers pay for published pieces. 
  • Freelance ghostwriting – If writing your own novels isn’t how you make money, how about letting others use YOUR words? By becoming a ghostwriter, you can adapt to almost any style of work, which means the potential for huge paychecks is very high!


Where can I make money as a writer?


There are fantastic opportunities out there to make money as a writer, no matter how much experience you have:


  • Write advertisements – If you’ve got the gift of the gab and enjoy writing copy, why not take advantage of paid adverts? By making these pieces sound extra special, companies will be willing to pay big bucks to get their ads seen by others. For more information about how this could work for you, read how advertising on Facebook works.
  • Write for magazines – Magazines have been a fantastic way writers make money since the dawn of time. Visit how to become a freelance writer now to find out how you can score some fantastic jobs!
  • Clients – If you want to be your own boss and work for other people, a straightforward way to make money as a writer is through client work. Websites like PeoplePerHour offer an easy way how clients can connect with freelancers who are ready to get started immediately. 


Can you write a book without a degree?


Yes, you absolutely can! A degree in writing is not a requirement to open your very own best-selling book.


Many writers write and publish books without the need for any formal education at all. Here’s how they did it:


  1. Read and learn how to write
  2. Write every day (even if it’s just for ten minutes)
  3. Join a writer’s group or association where experienced writers can offer insightful critiques on your work
  4. Participate in creative writing courses such as those offered by The Writers College 
  5. Find an experienced writer who will help you hone your craft and publish work online or in print.


Does freelance writing pay well?


This depends on several factors, including your skills. Freelance writing rates are generally higher than those of staff writers at newspapers and magazines. 


Rates vary according to the topics you cover, your area of expertise, and whether you’re working for a local or national publication. In-demand topics will have higher pay compared with subjects that have less demand within the industry. 


For example, technology has a high demand among editors to pay better rates for good writers who specialise in this topic. On the other hand, freelance travel writer rates could be lower due to low demand from editors.


Professional freelance writing rates:


For example, in the US and UK, a travel writer will typically charge by the hour at $20-$35, whereas articles are usually charged per word. Magazines often pay better than newspapers because they have bigger budgets for freelancers. Newspapers may only offer you 10-12 cents per word. So your rate should be higher if you work with magazines or other clients who specifically request professional writers. The average pay for an article ranges from 0 to 1 cent/word. 


This is before taxes and expenses are deducted. To get an idea of how much you can expect to earn as a freelance writer, see our online calculator that shows what you could make based on different writing fees per word, experience levels, and other factors.


A freelance writer should aim for between $20-$40 per hour. This means 10-20 cents/word minimum, but more if you are experienced or writing long pieces. For example, 700 words at 20 cents/word are $140. 


The average salary for someone with a good portfolio of published articles would be around $33k. But this varies according to your level of experience and contacts within the industry. 


At Upwork, you will see rates ranging from 1 cent/word to 30 cents/word. It’s a free service where clients can post jobs and freelancers can bid for them.


Best platforms to start a freelancing writer career


This is a super simple website to make money on the internet.

Creating your account on takes less than 5 minutes, and you can soon start making money by offering any kind of service you would want to sell for five or more dollars. 


When I mean any type of service, this literally means that you could write 100 words articles on any topic required by someone who might be willing to buy it. I suggest new freelancers try out their hands first with writing jobs given at Fiverr. This would also help them improve their skills as writers before they move forward in the freelancing world.


Legiit is another website that can provide you with high paying writing jobs. The good thing about this website is that it has a simple registration process, i.e., you just need to sign up using your e-mail id and instantly get registered as a freelancer. This platform provides you with several clients who look for writers like you to make money online through their work.


Clients are always looking for the best writers because they know how important it is to publish articles on different topics, whether related to travel or anything else like fashion, food etc. So if you have the best set of skills that could benefit people who need these kinds of services, then what are you waiting for? You should register at and become a part of this platform.


This is also another popular website that pays its users for completing writing jobs.

Upwork has about 10 million registered clients who are always on the lookout for freelance writers like you. 


So, there is no better place to learn all the skills that a freelancer would need to survive in this industry than You can learn everything from client handling to marketing your own profile and many more that might benefit your future career as a writer.


This is another excellent website that takes the services of writers from all around the world.

In Peopleperhour, you will write articles for different people by applying to jobs posted on their website. 


This would also help you learn a lot more about writing and how to deal with clients when it comes to publishing articles online. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to write your first article without any payment or referral fee, usually given when a client purchases a service from a freelancer. So, in my opinion, Peopleperhour is an excellent platform if you are just starting out as a writer in the freelance field.


Why do most writers fail?


The biggest reason why most writers fail is that they don’t finish what they start.

If you look around at the people in your life who are good at something, I bet they’ve mastered the skill of finishing what they started. A musician doesn’t just learn one chord and quit; an actor doesn’t just walk off the stage in the middle of a performance; athletes don’t just stop running when their muscles start to burn, or their lungs threaten to collapse. 


Finish what you create — that’s how you master any skill.

Finishing means completing all of the necessary steps towards achieving your goal. It doesn’t matter if it’s losing weight or starting a business; there’s no such thing as successfully “starting” something — only successfully finishing it.


How much should I charge for a 1000 word article?


You should set your price per article depending on demand, competition and, of course, the quality of the work itself. If you’re just starting out, your fees may be too low, but it’s important right now not to underprice yourself so that you can build a reputation for quality work. Once you have built up a base of clients willing to pay your rates, you can begin to discount your prices.


Suppose the client is interested in an article of 1000 words or more. In that case, they will usually be prepared to pay proportionally more. For example, e.g. if they want an article of 1500 words, the cost would be around $40-$50 – this would depend on competition and demand, though, as with any freelance writing job.


It’s important not to submit articles at these “going rates” though – but rather give them an estimate based on what they need, e.g. if they want 1000 words by tomorrow, ask them how much time they have available – if they have 24 hours then the cost would be higher because you’d need to write twice as fast. 


If they have two weeks, then keep your expenses lower, but be sure to ask them what level of knowledge is required and whether there are any accuracy issues, e.g. “I want 2000 words on my new product, it’s available now in all good retailers” means that the client wants an article explaining how it works. So you’ll need some background before you can write anything!


How many hours a day do professional writers write?


While many professional writers say that they write four or even five hours a day, you can do it in as little as one hour. All you need is a little application and the will to succeed.


The first rule of writing is to sit down and write – much as it may seem trivial, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t follow this simple action.

If a client has commissioned you to produce 1000 words in one day, then make sure that you dedicate at least two hours every morning to getting those 1000 words. If you can compress your work time, even more, there’s no reason why this should take more than an hour as long as you’re organised enough.


You’ll find that after working for an hour or more, your concentration levels are far higher. You are ready to tackle the task head-on without distraction—making the most of your time.


Conclusion – How to Become a Writer Without a Degree


If you want to become a writer without a degree and make money, it’s essential to practice, improve your skills and start your career at a rate that will help you pave the way. If you follow the above advice, you’ll find that it’s not hard to make money as a freelance writer.


Regardless of whether you want to write travel articles or your memoirs, if you’re going to be paid for writing, you must do so and get used to charging an appropriate rate. It will take time and effort, but in the end,, the rewards will be well worth it!