Becoming a Monat Market Partner - Can You Really Make Money?

Becoming a Monat Market Partner – Can You Really Make Money?

There are so many "make money" opportunities out there that claim to help you become your own boss. Unfortunately some of them are either scams or provide low quality products to sell/promote.

In this Monat Global review, I am going to answer various questions in regard to becoming a Monat Market Partner, as well as revealing complaints about Monat and clearing your doubts as to whether it is worth joining the Monat Market Partner program.

Before I start, I just want to remind you that making money with this sort of schemes requires an upfront investment which many people might not be able to afford.

Studies have also revealed that 99% of people who try to make money with an MLM scheme such as Monat lose money.

If you too can't afford to pay an upfront sum or simply don't feel like investing into something you are not sure of, then I recommend you read this Make Money Online Legitimately article instead, as this method will allow you to get started for FREE.

Becoming a Monat Market Partner Summary

Product Name: Monat Global

Price: $99, $199, $299, $399 and $649

Best for: People who have previous selling/marketing experience and are willing to invest money upfront.

man in doubt

Summary: Monat Global have received many complaints in regard to their products causing hair loss. The lack of Monat Market Partners success stories makes it hard to believe that there are people out there making money with their business model. MLM is not an easy business model to get into, so you should be aware of this before investing your money.

Rating: 2.1/5

Recommended: NO!

What is Monat Global?

Founded in 2014, Monat is a company that sells hair care and pet products through a direct sales business model.

Monat‘s revenue amounted to $435 million in 2018.

Searching for Monat Global in Google brings up over 35 million results, showing how popular the company has become in just a few years.

However, these results also highlight many complaints about Monat.

Monat Global Home Page

How do you become a Monat Market Partner?

In order to become a Monat Market Partner, you either have to be referred by another partner or let Monat assign one to you based on your location.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the “Opportunity” tab and then select “Join”
  3. Choose whether you want to search for your Monat Market Partner or let Monat assign one to you and follow the relevant steps.
  4. Once a partner’s profile pops up, click on “Go to shop”
  5. Choose whether to become a Monat MP, VIP or Retailer customer (Select MP for Market Partner)
  6. Select the package you wish to start with
  7. Create your own MYMONAT website address

Monat’s Market Partner requirements

To become a Market Partner, you’ll need to buy a Product Pack. 

No other special requirements are needed to become a Monat Market Partner.

How much does it cost to join Monat Global?

Currently there are 5 different Monat kits you can choose from and each pack contains different products:

Starter Kit at $99

  • Assorted Product Samples
  • SMART Start Roadmap
  • SMART Start Workbook
  • Product Magazine + Price List
  • Meet MONAT Brochure
  • VIP Customer brochure
  • Packaging Band (for brochures and samples)
  • Jelly Bag (For Samples)

Essentials Product Pack at $199

  • All of the Starter Kit products
  • 35% Savings Off Retail
  • REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive (1)
  • Revive Shampoo (1)
  • Revitalize Conditioner (1)
  • Blow Out Cream (1)
  • The Champ™ Conditioning Dry Shampoo (1)
  • Hair Apparent Magazine (1)

Business Product Pack at $299

  • All fo the Starter Kit products
  • 40% Savings Off Retail
  • REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive (1)
  • Renew Shampoo (1)
  • Revive Shampoo (1)
  • Revitalize Conditioner (1)
  • BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner (1)
  • Smoothing Shampoo (1)
  • Smoothing Conditioner  (1)
  • Blow Out Cream (1)
  • The Champ (1)
  • Restore Leave-in Conditioner (1)
  • Hair Apparent Magazine (1)

Success Product Pack at $399

  • All of the Starter Kit products
  • 46% Savings Off Retail
  • REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive (1)
  • Renew Shampoo (1)
  • Restore Leave-In Conditioner (1)
  • Replenish Masque (1)
  • Revive Shampoo (1)
  • Revitalize Conditioner (1)
  • Reshape Root Lifter (1)
  • BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner (1)
  • BLACK Groom Styling Clay (1)
  • Intense Repair Treatment (1)
  • Smoothing Shampoo (1)
  • Smoothing Conditioner (1)
  • Blow Out Cream (1)
  • The Champ (1)
  • ReFinish Control Hairspray (1)
  • Curl Cream (1)
  • Hair Apparent Magazine (1)

Overachiever Product Pack at $649

  • All of the Starter Kit products
  • 50% Savings Off Retail
  • REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive (2)
  • REJUVABEADS™ Targeted Hair Repair (2)
  • Renew Shampoo (1)
  • Replenish Masque (1)
  • Restore Leave-In Conditioner (1)
  • Revive Shampoo (1)
  • Revitalize Conditioner (1)
  • Reshape Root Lifter (1)
  • BLACK Shampoo + Conditioner (1)
  • BLACK Groom Styling Clay (1)
  • Intense Repair Shampoo (1)
  • Intense Repair Conditioner (1)
  • Intense Repair Treatment (1)
  • Refinish Control Hairspray (1)
  • Restyle Instant Sculpting Taffy (1)
  • Tousled Texturizing Mist (1)
  • Moxie Magnifying Mousse (1)
  • The Champ Conditioning Dry (1)
  • Junior Gentle Shampoo (1)
  • Junior Gentle Conditioner (1)
  • Junior Gentle Detangler (1)
  • Eye Wonder Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum (1)
  • Smoothing Shampoo (1)
  • Smoothing Conditioner (1)
  • Blow Out Cream (1)
  • Curl Cream (1)
  • Air Dry Cream (1)
  • DSN Special Report magazine (1)

Monat compensation plan

Monat’s compensation plan is pretty elaborate, so it is worth reading their recent compensation plan PDF before you get started.

They have different commission and bonuses levels, so you find the above PDF confusing, then I recommend you watch the video below as it thoroughly goes through Monat’s compensation plan:

As you can see, there are lots of Monat earnings opportunities, however this does not mean that anybody can achieve those goals. It definitely takes a lot of skills to be able to make money with an MLM scheme such as Monat‘s!

How many Monat distributors are there?

As of 2018, Monat Global had 200,000 distributors.

There were 120,000 distributors in 2017, which means that they have almost doubled the number of Monat distributors in just one year!

What is Monat’s BBB rating?

Monat’s BBB rating is A-

The reason of this rating is that 974 complaints have been filed against Monat in the last 3 years.

What I found shocking was seeing this warning on the Better Business Bureau site:

Monat's BBB rating

This means that some of their distributors have tried to leave positive reviews on the BBB site, in order to increase Monat’s BBB rating!

Monat market partners reviews

I was not able to find any Monat success stories. I tried both Google and YouTube with no luck.

On YouTube I found loads of kit unboxing videos, but unfortunately no videos to show how much existing market partners make.

This is not a very good sign in my opinion.

People who have stopped selling Monat

Dela Hini, former Monat market partner, has recorded a fantastic review on why Monat did not work out for her.

She went through the process of trying the products herself, before selling them to other people:

Monat hair loss complaints

There have been many complaints about Monat products causing hair loss, itchy and sore scalp.

This obviously does not happen to everybody, but looking on Trustpilot you can see that Monat has received over 2,000 reviews with an “Average” score.

Most complaints are about getting a sore scalp when using Monat‘s products, to which Monat have responded that this is the scalp going through a “Detox” process and that things will eventually get better.

Monat Global Trustpilot reviews

A quick Google image search shows a mixture of Monat before and after pictures from buyers who have benefited from the products vs others who have had very bad experiences.

Is Monat FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve cosmetics
, and that includes hair care products.

However, it can take action if products have been reported as being defective.

The FDA sent an inspector to Monat‘s facilities and have issued a report:

Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme?

In order to answer this question, let’s first look at what a Pyramid Scheme is:

Pyramid Scheme Image

A Pyramid Scheme is when in order to make an income, you only rely on recruiting other people to join the team and get commission out of it.

Those at the top of the Pyramid Scheme earn the most as they also receive commission from every sale made from those under them.

Although Monat have some Pyramid Schemes elements, partners can also just make money from selling products without recruiting.

This means that Monat Global is NOT a Pyramid Scheme.

Is Monat an MLM?

The MLM business model relies on recruitment just like a Pyramid Scheme, however the difference is that MLM allows you to make money by just selling products, without being obliged to recruiting other distributors.

Looking at Monat‘s compensation plan, it is clear that Monat is an MLM.

Is Monat a scam?

I could not find any claims about Monat being a scam when it comes to becoming a Monat Market Partner.

However, their products are clearly not for everyone and have caused major issues to many people.

I personally would not feel comfortable distributing Monat‘s products but if you wish to give it a go, then I would recommend you thoroughly test their products first.

I generally don’t recommend trying to make money with MLM companies as it is extremely difficult to do and definitely not something you should do if you are an introvert.

I have previously talked about the difficulties of making money with MLM in my Becoming an Avon Representative post.

A better way to make extra money (Without upfront cost)

There are many ways you can make extra money. I personally like the “make money online” model with blogging being my favourite thing.

When I first started blogging, I thought I would have never been able to write long blog posts that would help others.

The truth is that as long as you find a niche you are interested in, writing will come pretty natural with time.

Blogging allows you to build your own business with Zero/Low upfront cost.

You can see how it is done in this Make Money Online Legitimately post 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed reading this “Becoming a Monat Market Partner – Can You Really Make Money?” post.

Are you still going to give Monat Global a go? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂